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Published: 2014

Newborns have been overexposed to aluminum.


Aluminum exposure and toxicity in neonates: a practical guide to halt aluminum overload in the prenatal and perinatal periods.


Fanni D, et al. World Journal of Pediatrics, 2014 May; 10(2):101-7.


During the last years, human newborns have been overexposed to biologically reactive aluminum, with possible relevant consequences on their future health and on their susceptibility to a variety of diseases. Children, newborns and particularly preterm neonates are at an increased risk of aluminum toxicity because of their relative immaturity. Based on recent original publications and classical data of the literatures, we reviewed the aluminum content in mother’s food during the intrauterine life as well as in breast milk and infant formula during lactation. We also determined the possible role of aluminum parenteral nutrition solutions, in adjuvants of vaccines and in pharmaceutical products.

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