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July 2020: Injured Kids, Society Costs

There is still a dearth of any real news on special education and autism in U.S. schools, but not so in Britain and Ireland where the press reports constantly on big time increases in special education spending. Honestly, while it’s not being reported on as a crisis, any thinking person has to be concerned about what’s happening over there. Someone needs to explain what’s going on.

Components of mRNA Technology “Could Lead to Significant Adverse Events in One or More of Our Clinical Trials,” says Moderna

Roughly 70% of Americans may already be sensitized to PEG, a chemical found in mRNA vaccine technology. FDA approval of an mRNA vaccine for Covid-19 could be potentially disastrous. Moderna documents and publications indicate that the company is well aware of these safety risks but is more concerned with its bottom line.

Dr. Fauci’s Double Standards: Polarizing the Nation on Hydroxychloroquine

I don’t know if hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is effective against COVID. It’s disturbing that I, like many other Americans, feel that we won’t learn the truth from Dr. Fauci.

The Fix Was In: Latest ACIP Meeting’s Public Comments Featured a Who’s Who Among Vaccine Promoters

When one after another of those allowed public comments at the recent ACIP meeting were enthusiastically pro-vaccine in their statements and in fact spent much of their time complimenting the CDC and the ACIP members in particular, I began to wonder if the event and it’s chosen “random speakers” had been set up to show a one-sided conclusion for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination recommendations.

LOCKDOWN LUNACY 3.0—It’s over.

If you’re living in the United States, like I am, you probably think my declaration that this pandemic is “over” to be somewhere between wishful thinking and incredibly premature but I promise to support my assertion with data, and the wisdom of people far more expert than me who are having a harder time being heard in the present climate.

Two-Tiered Medicine: Why Is Hydroxychloroquine Being Censored and Politicized?

When countries using HCQ are displaying a Covid-19 mortality rate that is only one-tenth the mortality rate in countries where there is interference with this medication, such as the United States, it ought to be distressing that a propaganda war against a potentially life-saving medication is being waged for political purposes, not based on medical facts.

FDA Director Peter Marks and the Ever-Shifting COVID Vaccine Narrative

After suckering us into ruinous lockdown awaiting rescue by vaccine, the Pharma grifters are frantically dialing back the expectations they inflated.

If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening?

Would schools be re-opening if the CDC hadn’t instructed State health departments to over-count COVID fatalities, cases, and hospitalizations?

Russia Considers Ban on Smart Phones and Wi-Fi in Schools to Protect Children’s Brains

On July 17th, Russia’s Health Ministry announced it may soon ban all use of Wi-Fi and cell phones in elementary schools. Russia already limits emissions of nonionizing radiation to 1000x less than we allow in the USA.

Why Has Everyone Seemingly Forgotten How the Immune System Works?

By focusing so frantically on lockdowns, social distancing, and mask mandates— universally avoiding exposure to the virus— government policy and subsequent media coverage has completely ignored the reality that exposure alone is a relatively insignificant factor in serious illness and death. Here’s a refresher on how the immune system works and what this means for Covid-19 protections.

Oxford Epidemiologists: Suppression Strategy is Not Viable

Wanting to learn more about the current state of the pandemic and the direction it was headed UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers was joined by Oxford epidemiologists who shared their thoughts in this wide-ranging discussion on masks, suppression, the lockdown, the politics and more.

Gates Pushes Experimental Technology on Seven Billion Humans

Scientists and ethicists are sounding alarms about Moderna’s “Frankenstein jab” that Gates and Fauci are pushing. The vaccine uses a new, untested, and very controversial experimental RNA technology that alters DNA throughout the human body and reprograms our cells to produce antibodies to fight the virus.

An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 Preliminary Report—A Researcher Reacts

Vinu Arumugham responds to the preliminary report on Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, pointing out with examples such as the Pandemrix induced narcolepsy disaster and the failed ebola vaccine, that the whole idea of depending on testing alone for safety, is UNACCEPTABLE.

Russian Government Recommends Banning Wi-Fi and Cell Phones in Primary Schools

Russia is following other countries around the world that have taken action to reduce the use of Wi-Fi in schools and protect the health of children.

Etiquetado “anti-vax” y los medios de comunicación: ¿Quién está coordinando esto?

La política internacional de vacunación está siendo manipulada para desarrollar mercados masivos de vacunas y los medios de comunicación convencionales no fiables, sesgados y a menudo conflictivos no están analizando e informando críticamente sobre ello para la comunidad mundial. ¿La Fundación Bill y Melinda Gates está dando forma a los informes de los medios de comunicación sobre cuestiones de vacunación?

‘Anti-vax’ labelling and the mainstream media: Who is coordinating this?

International vaccination policy is being manipulated to develop massive vaccine markets and the unreliable, biased, and often conflicted mainstream media is failing to critically analyze and report on it for the global community. Is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shaping the media’s reporting on vaccination issues?

Gates and Fauci Back Down on Vaccine Promises

Bill Gates and the WHO say they have confidence in the two leading COVID vaccines: the AstraZeneca (Oxford) vaccine and Moderna’s. Gates is invested in both. Their endorsement of these two lemons should worry anyone hoping that Operation Warp Speed, its billionaire patron and global regulators are capable of yielding a safe or effective shot.

They Don’t Know What They’re Doing: The Vaccine Paradigm’s Shaky Assumptions

The authors of a July 2020 commentary in Lancet Infectious Diseases (titled “Vaccinology: time to change the paradigm?”) argue that decades of vaccine research not only have failed to address important inconsistencies but also contradict many of the assumptions that drive global vaccine policies and programs.

Forget Cecil Rhodes, We’ve Got Bill Gates: Oxford University is Exploiting Africans and Africa Now!

Oxford University is said to have recruited 2000 volunteers for trials in South Africa which have gone ahead despite a complaint that they failed to disclosure of vital safety data and information, the lack of evidence of efficacy of the trials, the lack of information on the test procedures and concerns regarding the safety claims made.

June 2020: Injured Kids, Society Costs

Once again, we turn our attention to what was happening to schools in Britain during June.  The U.S. is forty times bigger than the U.K., but the stories from there dwarf anything from America.

Measles Vaccination and Autism: The Inexcusable Suppression of a Long-Documented Link

Parental reports linking autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination have long given rise to the aggressive and unnuanced media mantra that the MMR “does not cause autism.” The reality is that biological evidence on the ground has—from the beginning—told a very different story.

LOCKDOWN LUNACY 2.0: Second wave? Not even close.

The headlines are filled with dire warnings of a “second wave” and trigger-happy Governors are rolling back regulations to try to stem the tide of new cases. But, is any of it actually true and should we all be worried? No, it’s not a second wave. The COVID-19 virus is on its final legs

New Docs: NIH Owns Half of Moderna Vaccine

New documents suggest that the National Institute of Health (NIH) owns half the key patent for Moderna’s controversial COVID vaccine and could collect half the royalties. In addition, four NIH scientists have filed their own patent application allowing them royalties as co-inventors. These rules are recipes for regulatory corruption.

My Child, My Choice!

Become a Children’s Health Defender. Take the pledge today!

Whose Conspiracy Is It, Mr. Johnson?—CHD’s Response to FCC General Counsel’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post

All Thomas M. Johnson, Jr., General Counsel for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did with his recent op-ed, confirm that the FCC is a “captured agency” that has overlooked, sacrificed, or raided consumer safety, health, and privacy, along with consumer wallets, due to unchecked industry influence.

Vaccination and the Media – Conflicts of Interest in Australia

In Australia recently The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have published a series of articles with an ‘anti-vaxxer’ theme – what is the motive behind the labelling and marginalisation of people who ask questions about vaccination?

More Gates-Funded “Brave New World” Science: Fake Breast Milk

Technocrat Bill Gates funds numerous initiatives, all of which—like his vaccine efforts—feature a near-evangelical belief in the power of science and technology to do Mother Nature one better. The latest Gates-backed venture to attract notice is a Durham, North Carolina-based biotechnology start-up called Biomilq, which just raised $3.5 million to develop lab-cultured breast milk.

Schools MUST go “Back to Normal” in the Fall—A Scientist’s Perspective

The science does not support the need for reducing class sizes, social distancing in classrooms or at recess, or the wearing of masks or other PPE. It is deeply concerning that governments, as well as public health authorities appear not to have adjusted their COVID-19 strategies to take account of the large and growing body of scientific data that shows that COVID-19 is not the deadly threat that was originally thought. School must go back to normal in the fall.

The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine

If I understand the history of case law, vaccines, in legal terms, are medicine. Intentional heavy metal poisoning is not medicine. Injectible surveillance components are not medicine. Injectible credit cards are not medicine. An injectible brain-machine interface is not a medicine. Legal and financial immunity for insurance companies does not create human immunity from disease. Why are we calling these formulations “vaccines”?

CHD’s 5G and Wireless Harms Project: Monthly Summary, May 2020

This May 2020 update chronicles CHD’s legal and educational efforts to stop 5G and wireless harms.