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Hearing Without Listening

At FDA hearing on coronavirus vaccine, the chair cut off questions and limited debate.

CHD Sues NYC Dept. of Education, Mayor de Blasio for Arbitrary School Closures and Coerced Medical Testing

Parents of eight New York City school children and Children’s Health Defense sued the Department of Education, Mayor de Blasio and other NYC officials to reopen schools and halt coerced in-school COVID-19 testing.

2 U.S. Healthcare Workers Suffer Allergic Reaction to Pfizer COVID Vaccine. How Many More Are at Risk?

An Alaska woman with no prior history of allergies was hospitalized after she went into anaphylactic shock minutes after receiving the vaccine.

COVID Vaccine Safety Concerns

How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe? by Dr. Liz Mumper and Children’s Health Defense team VIDEO POWERPOINT FACT SHEETS Children’s Health Defense has created a video of Dr. Liz Mumper’s presentation titled “How Will We Know That a COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe?” This presentation is the result of a collaborative effort […]

It’s Time to Find Our Common Ground and Fight the Real Deep State

Big Oil, King Coal, Big Chemical, Big Tech and Big Pharma are titans of a Deep State cartel that is driving our country down the road to plutocracy and environmental apocalypse. We must unite to fight them — and not each other.

Bezos’ Earth Fund Funnels $600 Million to Largest Enviro Groups, Shortchanges Frontline Grassroots Orgs

Less than a quarter of first-round grants will go to intermediary funds that support thousands of grassroots communities cultivating solutions on the frontlines of the climate emergency.

13 Million More Girls Face Forced Marriage, Loss of Education Amid COVID Lockdowns

The number of children living in extreme poverty is expected to skyrocket by the end of the year, with 122 million to 142 million more children’s families unable to make ends meet. Many of those families could find themselves offering their young daughters for marriage in the coming years.

CHD Article on Big-Picture Look at Current Pandemic Beneficiaries Accepted by Peer-Reviewed Journal

An article by Children’s Health Defense on how the pandemic facilitated a financial, tech, biopharmaceutical and military-intelligence push for centralized, technocratic control has been accepted by the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research.

American Billionaires Rake in Another $1 Trillion Since Beginning of Pandemic

“Never before has America seen such an accumulation of wealth in so few hands. As tens of millions of Americans suffer from the health and economic ravages of this pandemic, a few hundred billionaires add to their massive fortunes.”

Rapid COVID Testing on Children Forges Ahead Despite Lack of Data

The New York Times reported that some of the cheapest and most convenient diagnostic tools on the market might not perform as promised in a crucial contingent of the population: children.

FDA Ignores RFK, Jr.’s Pleas for Vaccine Safety Oversight Concerning PEG, Suspected To Cause Anaphylaxis

Press Release December 14, 2020 For immediate release    WASHINGTON, DC — The Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) recently voted to approve Emergency Use Authorization of BioNTech and Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine despite recent reports of anaphylactic reactions among recipients. The vaccine contains polyethylene glycol (PEG) which has been identified as the […]

Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here’s the Proof.

Gates and his minions insist the billionaire never said we’d need digital vaccine passports. But in a June 2020 TED Talk, Gates said exactly that. Someone edited out the statement, but CHD tracked down the original.

RFK, Jr. Warned FDA Three Months Ago About Ingredient in Pfizer COVID Vaccine That Likely Caused Life-Threatening Reaction in Two UK Healthcare Workers

An investigation this week identified polyethylene glycol (PEG) as the likely reason two people in the UK suffered anaphylaxis after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. In September, CHD Chairman RFK, Jr. warned the FDA that PEG in COVID vaccines could lead to severe allergic reactions.

Melinda Gates: ‘We Hadn’t Really Thought Through the Economic Impacts’

Bill and Melinda Gates donated $500 million to pro-lockdown efforts around the world since the beginning of the pandemic. In an interview with the New York Times, Melinda Gates seems to suggest that the pandemic, not the lockdowns, is to blame for the economic devastation.

Cautionary Tale: This COVID Vaccine Could Heighten HIV Risk for Some, Scientists Warn

In a letter published in The Lancet, several researchers raised questions about the potential for adenovirus-based vaccines to increase the risk of HIV for some recipients.

Sausage Making at FDA: How Human Cancer Cells Got Into Vaccines

In a 2012 meeting, the FDA voted to allow the use of human fetal cells and adult human tumor cells in vaccines, despite acknowledging the many risks, including that vaccine recipients might later develop cancer.

CHD Calls for Further Study of Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Seniors and Blacks

CHD is calling for further intense study overall, particularly for the elderly residential population and Blacks, before Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

‘Defacto Human Experiment:’ Mary + Polly Discuss Rollout of Pfizer Vaccine in UK, Danger of Vaccinating Elderly + More

In “This Week,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine-related headline news, including the rollout of Pfizer’s vaccine in the UK, concerns about vaccinating the elderly … and more.

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial Shows Alarming Evidence of Pathogenic Priming in Older Adults

The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Briefing Document on the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains disturbing indications that might be a safety signal on pathogenic priming, especially in older adults.

Special Report—Snapshots From 2020 Global Shutdown

Free Special Report Snapshots from the 2020 Global Shutdown With an introduction with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Snapshots gives you an important glimpse into COVID-19’s unaccounted impact and a roadmap to the future. The authors, an international group of law students reviewed the legal basis—or lack thereof—for government actions providing a crucial “snapshot in time” […]

Breaking: CHD Responds to News of Life-Threatening Reaction to Pfizer COVID Vaccine. Will Regulators Take Action?

In August, CHD asked regulators to investigate the use of polyethylene glycol (PEG) in COVID mRNA vaccines, which could have caused the severe allergic reactions reported this week by two of the first UK recipients of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Protecting Individual Rights: Can COVID Vaccines Be Mandated?

Children’s Health Defense released a special report providing the scientific and legal context behind protecting individual rights in regards to COVID vaccines.

New World Order? Oligarchs Discuss How Legal System Could Use Brain Mapping Against You

If brain mapping becomes mainstream, it could have major implications for the legal system. Even if a person chooses not to confess, their brain could be tapped to do it for them.

Whistleblower: FDA Failed to Address ‘Biohazard Nightmare’ at Merck Vaccine Plant

A former FDA employee-turned-whistleblower says the agency downgraded his report on safety violations at a Merck vaccine plant. The allegation raises questions about how the FDA will monitor safety of COVID vaccine manufacturers.

RFK, Jr. Urges FDA to Slow Down COVID Vaccine Approval Process

In a letter to Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asks the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to take a cautious approach in approving COVID-19 vaccines that have been developed at “warp speed.”

First Glimpse at Pfizer COVID Vaccine Safety and Efficacy Data from the UK

FDA’s VRBPAC needs to look closely at the actual evidence before issuing an emergency use authorization for our seniors.

Top Action to ‘Save the Planet’? Crack Down on Industry Money in Politics

A new report details 50 critical environmental reforms to address biological diversity, pollution, environmental injustice and global warming.

Make Amazon Pay: An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos

Letter signed by 401 lawmakers from 34 countries urges Amazon founder and “richest person on Earth” to “do right by your workers, their communities and our planet.”

Pathologist Petitions FDA to Halt Pfizer Emergency Use Authorization Until Vaccine Efficacy Confirmed

The major reason for petitioning the FDA for a stay of action is that the Phase 2/3 clinical trial of the Pfizer vaccine used a presumptive RT-qPCR diagnostic test.

Mary + Polly Discuss AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Volunteer, New Zealand ‘Quarantine Camps’ and More

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense vice chair and general counsel, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the AstraZeneca vaccine trial participant who says he was injured, New Zealand “quarantine camps” … and more.