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Impact of catch-up vaccination on aluminum exposure due to new laws and post social distancing

Delay or catch-up vaccination due to COVID19 social distancing should be done judiciously if at all, to minimize aluminum toxicity.

Coalition of Doctors Urge University of California to Reconsider Flu Vaccine Mandate

As Children’s Health Defense’s litigation continues against the University of California for mandating the flu vaccine, effective Nov. 1, Physicians for Informed Consent submitted a letter to the University of California Board of Regents’ President Michael V. Drake, M.D.

Microchips, Nanotechnology and Implanted Biosensors: The New Normal?

U.S. military personnel will be the first subjects in nanotechnology trials in the pursuit of optimizing health and early detection of disease outbreaks. Profusa has research contracts for bio-integrated sensors with the U.S. Department of Defense and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), pending U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval in early 2021. Health technology […]

Half a Million Sharks Could Be Killed to Make Vaccine

Drug maker GlaxoSmithKline may need to slaughter half a million sharks to harvest squalene, an oil made in shark livers, to make a new line of COVID jabs. Glaxo mixes squalene with a witches’ brew of proprietary surfactants to produce its controversial AS03 vaccine adjuvant. Adjuvants are compounds that amplify immune response to hyperstimulate the immune system. They are associated with a variety of autoimmune diseases.

Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Stop the Machine and Defend Our Humanity

In March 2015, Bill Gates showed an image of the coronavirus during a TED Talk and told the audience that it was what the greatest catastrophe of our time would look like. The real threat to life, he said, is “not missiles, but microbes.” When the coronavirus pandemic swept over the earth like a tsunami five years later, he revived the war language, describing the pandemic as “a world war.”

FREE Special Report — Snapshots From 2020 Global Shutdown

With an introduction with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Snapshots provides a crucial “snapshot in time” in a cross section of countries from mid-March to mid-August 2020. With its copious references, this report gives you an important glimpse into COVID-19’s unaccounted impact and a roadmap to the future.

The Intertwined History of Myelitis and Vaccines

Conditions involving demyelination and paralysis are among the top vaccine injuries for which claims have been filed with the NVICP, and historical reports of myelitic conditions track closely with pediatric vaccination trends and with the concurrent rise in the very practice of injection.

Employees at France’s Biggest Phone Company Undermine Country’s 5G Push

Employees at Orange, France’s biggest phone company and the tenth largest mobile network operator in the world, are calling for management to stop the rollout of 5G just days before the industry plans to commit billions to their deployment in the country.

Los eventos climáticos extremos causan pesadilla de salud pública mientras los políticos permanecen acogedores con una gran energía

Por Jeremy Loffredo Los incendios forestales han devastado más de 5 millones de acres en california, Oregón y el estado de Washington. Hasta ahora,los incendios han matado a 35 personas, destruido más de 6.000 estructuras y forzado a más de 60.000 personas a abandonar sus hogares. Incluso las personas muy fuera de estos tres estados […]

Los eventos climáticos extremos causan pesadilla de salud pública mientras los políticos permanecen acogedores con una gran energía

Por Jeremy Loffredo Los incendios forestales han devastado más de 5 millones de acres en california, Oregón y el estado de Washington. Hasta ahora,los incendios han matado a 35 personas, destruido más de 6.000 estructuras y forzado a más de 60.000 personas a abandonar sus hogares. Incluso las personas muy fuera de estos tres estados […]

Extreme Weather Events Cause Public Health Nightmare as Politicians Remain Cozy With Big Energy

Wildfires have ravaged more than 5 million acres across California, Oregon and Washington state. So far, the fires have killed 35 people, destroyed more than 6,000 structures and forced more than 60,000 people out of their homes.

The Polio and “Non-Polio” Shell Game in Africa and the U.S. — 2020 Update

The WHO officially acknowledged vaccine-derived polio cases, but what about the tens of thousands of cases of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP), a debilitating condition with a clinical picture virtually identical to polio?

Response to the British Government Proposal to Roll Out A COVD-19 Vaccine Before Christmas

The British government are running a public consultation with a view to cutting every corner and safeguard in order to roll out a COVID vaccine campaign before Christmas. presumably with the Oxford/Astra-Zeneca product in mind.

Community and World United, We Say No!

Children’s Health Defense is proud to stand with over 50 organizations and  over 20 countries as we work together to pushback on medical mandates, unsafe vaccines, and increasingly totalitarian governments.

A Dangerous Inactive Ingredient

Despite numerous scientific studies, Moderna has stated the high percentage of the population having anti PEG antibodies is “hypothetical,” and they are not screening for it. How many will be injured because Moderna failed to investigate a dangerous “inactive” ingredient in their COVID-19 vaccine?

Tech Titans and Censorship—The Same People Profiting From The Quarantine Are Censoring Criticisms of It

While economies are being ravaged and individuals are finding themselves unemployed at alarming rates, one very small group of people is making billions hand over fist: America’s tech titans.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Systemic Patient Abuse and State Repression

At a time when the government is supposedly trying to earn trust for a range of potential SAR-CoV-2 vaccines the continued disparagement and repression of people who raise questions about a class of products creates an atmosphere of prejudice and intimidation

August 2020: Injured Kids, Society Costs

On August 2nd parents in CT were warned: There’s nothing for your autistic child when he or she ages out of school. So, what’s ahead for countless special needs young adults? Waiting lists, lack of funding, no service providers. There, you’ve been warned.

Injunction Lawsuit Against the University of California – Filed!

Late last week, our founder Robert F. Kennedy Jr., General Counsel Mary Hollard and Rick Jaffe, a highly regarded national health care attorney, filed an injunction lawsuit against the University of California’s recent flu mandate for the entire 510,000 member UC community. 

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss it: The Prep Act Quietly Gets a Third Amendment, Allowing Pharmacists to Vaccinate Children

On May 24th, using the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) to circumvent Congress, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) quietly issued his third amendment to the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP), thereby allowing pharmacists to administer vaccines to children ages three to 18.

RFK, Jr. and CHD Take Action on Safety Concerns over Moderna’s COVID Vaccine

On August 26, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) wrote a letter to Director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP), asking for an investigation into serious safety concerns with the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Moderna.

The Dengue Vaccine: A Cautionary Tale

As we anticipate the arrival of a fast-tracked and liability-free SARS-Cov-2 vaccine candidate, we should look at what went wrong with the introduction of the dengue vaccine, and learn from past vaccine failures.

Litigating for the Truth

One of our allies is seeking lawyers who can litigate Freedom of Information cases pro bono against federal agencies and state universities that are stonewalling them and their requests. Fill out this form if you’re interested!

COVID Response Is All Cost, No Benefit

Interventions for COVID-19 have been strategically one-sided and myopic, completely abandoneding rational considerations to lower overall suffering and death.

Censorship Claims Another Victim: Honest-Journalism Giant, Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire”

YouTube terminated Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire” account and purged hundreds of truthful videos on vaccines. The bigger picture news here is that YouTube’s owner, Google, is effectively a vaccine company and the “factcheckers” behind the takedowns provided by vaccine marketeer extraordinaire, Bill Gates.

Navigating Vaccine Exemption in the Military

With the new COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, it’s more critical than ever for military personnel to prepare to advocate for their health.

Dr. Fauci: What About the Immune System?

Dr. Fauci has kept us informed about therapies being used to treat COVID-19, but has convinced us, repeatedly, that a vaccine is the only way out of this mess and that we all must wait for a vaccine to be quickly brought to market. However, if there is no cure for COVID-19, how did the 2,446,799 COVID-19 patients recover from the illness?

Where’s the missing evidence?

An emergency order by Governor Evers of Wisconsin ordering the wearing of masks has given rise to a most unsatisfactory investigation. A clause in the order reads states that if 95% of Wisconsinites wear a face covering in publish 500+ lives could be saved. But where is the research behind this, and what is its provenance.

Read the Fine Print, Part Two—Nearly 400 Adverse Reactions Listed in Vaccine Package Inserts

In April, 2020, CHD revealed 217 for adverse medical outcomes for over 36 routine childhood vaccines found in post-marketing data. But what would the picture look like if the adverse reactions observed during clinical trials were also added to the list? In part two, CHD answers that question.

TRUTH with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Episode 10

In Episode 10 of our “TRUTH” series, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and actor Alec Baldwin had an in-depth discussion on the current status of public health and COVID-19.