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Vaccines Induce Bizarre Anti-Social Behaviour in Sheep

Just seven injections of vaccines or the aluminum salt added to vaccines caused alarming behavioral changes linked to a fatal nervous system disorder in sheep, a new study from Spanish veterinary researchers shows.

Don’t Fall for the CDC’s Outlandish Lies About Thimerosal

Propaganda experts have long admitted that the “big lie” is an important tool for molding public opinion. A psychological profile of Hitler carried out by the U.S. Office of Strategic Services noted that one of the German leader’s “primary rules” was that “people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one” and “if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

Dr. Paul Offit’s Promo for ‘BAD ADVICE’ Falls Flat

Dr. Paul Offit was at the National Press Club in Washington, DC October 29th peddling his new book, “BAD ADVICE: Or Why Celebrities, Politicians and Activists Aren’t Your Best Source of Health Information.” It is clear that Dr. Offit desperately wants to be the authority on vaccines. He already is the industry shill, but is he the authority? The opinion of the crowd in attendance at the event was a resounding NO.

The Non-Polio Illness That ‘Looks Just Like Polio’

Over the past five years, a rare and serious “polio-like” illness—called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) or acute flaccid paralysis (AFP)—has been cropping up in “unusual” clusters around the U.S., mostly in children. AFM/AFP cases have also been reported in Europe, India and other countries.

HighWire: The Brave Ones Video and Transcript

Transcript of Video Regarding Kennedy/Hazlehurst DOJ Petition Del Bigtree: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are out there in the world, I’m here in the Big Apple for one of the biggest shows The High Wire has ever put together. Jenny McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are joining JB Handley to support […]

Comment on: Prophylactic vaccination against human papillomaviruses to prevent cervical cancer and its precursors.

Gardasil clinical trial and post-marketing data should raise a red flag about HPV vaccine safety.

Can Immune Dysregulation Cause Neurodevelopmental Disorders?

A common criticism of the Western medical model is that it tends to look at body systems in isolation from one another. Here and there, however, scientific disciplines arise that explicitly acknowledge interactions across systems.

Stop Direct Advertising

Policy needs to be changed so that pharmaceutical companies can no longer bombard American consumers with ubiquitous billboards, drugstore enticements, and radio announcements to suggest things like, “get your flu shot now.” In bed with the pharmaceutical companies, the CDC advises the public on vaccines through a “recipe” of scare-tactics to hike the demand. Merck’s […]

Righting the Wrongs

Children’s Health Defense is on a mission to seek justice for our children. They deserve a world free of the devastating effects of mercury, aluminum, and other toxins. They deserve the best chance for a healthy life. We know it takes real facts to combat false narratives, and the word of established scientists and doctors […]

Exposing the Truth

Certain lapses in safety, such as the VAERs passive reporting system, have put our children at risk. The FDA has proved to be incapable of monitoring vaccine safety by not accurately calculating exposure levels to aluminum and mercury in vaccines, while thimerosal still remains in 12 of the current flu vaccines on the market. To […]

Countering False Narratives

There was a time when top journalists from newspapers such as The New York Times would rather sit behind bars than print a completely bought-and-paid-for group editorial claiming “the science is settled” on vaccines. Yet truth has a giant adversary: most advertising revenue from media outlets comes from pharmaceutical companies, and though hundreds of peer-reviewed […]


Fluoride is an element that occurs naturally in the environment, however it is also produced synthetically for use in toothpaste and mouthwashes. Due to a long history of corporate incentives and cherry-picked studies that dates back to the 50s, fluoride was approved to become an additive in American drinking  water “to promote strong teeth.” Approximately 300 studies, as evidenced below, demonstrate fluoride is a neurotoxin, linking fluoride exposures to reduced intelligence. Studies have also found associations with arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocrine disruption, gastrointestinal effects, and infertility. More recent studies have found a toxic synergy between fluoride and aluminum. From 2000 to 2004, 125 communities in 36 states adopted fluoridation of their municipal water supplies, however other cities, such as College Station, Texas and Watsonville, California, have overturned fluoridation mandates. Only about 2% of people receive artificially fluoridated water in Europe, with countries like the Netherlands and Italy rejecting the additive. Fluoridation is banned in China, due to cases of increased dental fluorosis from naturally occurring fluoride in their water supply.


Lead is a dense toxic heavy metal found in pipes, batteries, coal ash, paint products, and gasoline. Its neurotoxicity was recognized in the late 19th century, as it accumulates in soft tissues and bones in humans, damaging the nervous system and interfering with enzyme function. Even though lead was supposed to fazed out, it is still found in the air, soil, and water, and traces of lead continue to be found in industrial and construction products. Populations are still affected by environmental exposure. Lead is especially toxic to children, as evidenced in the following studies and articles below, contributing to gastrointestinal problems, psychological issues, acute encephalopathy, and lower IQ, as well as contributing to neurological disorders such as autism, ADHD, and behavioral problems.


Toxins surround us in many forms, but those found in vaccines are of increasing concern among parents, and rightfully so. As the Children’s Health Defense continues to advocate for transparency and sound science in our nation’s vaccine program, it’s important to note that mercury, still found in some flu shots and other vaccines, isn’t the only substance standing in the way of a safer vaccination schedule. Other dangerous substances abound in the vaccines that our government agencies continue to insist are safe. No one challenges parents for researching the safest car seats, cribs, or infant carriers for their children. The same should hold true when parents want to be fully informed about what makes up the vaccines intended for their children.

The Special Ed Epidemic: Minimizing Risks – Protecting Our Children

Autism, developmental delays, and chronic illnesses including allergies and asthma are at an all-time high, affecting 1 in 6 children across the US. Autism alone has increased in prevalence from 1 in 1000 in 1995 to 1 in 59 US children in 2018. The rise in chronic illness and developmental disabilities has scientists, doctors, educators, and legislators in an ongoing debate over causation. Research has failed to turn up but a few definitive causes, rather, studies propose associated risks. These risks are rarely shared with the general public and most often, physicians themselves are not familiar with the science that has determined these associations.

Ten Thousand Chemicals in Food and Food Packaging: What Are These Substances Doing to Our Children?

Public health challenges related to the foods that American children eat are a not-infrequent topic of national conversation. With 38% of children either overweight or obese, the childhood obesity epidemic tends to top the list of concerns, along with related issues such as children’s fast food consumption and the damaging effects of junk food advertising.

Type 1 Diabetes on the Rise in Young Children: Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Chronic illness is at epidemic levels in the United States as well as other wealthy nations. Autoimmune diseases, though tending to receive less attention than headline-grabbing afflictions such as cancer and heart disease, have experienced some of the most rapid increases.

The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: What’s Causing It and How to Stop It

Why is the peanut allergy an epidemic that only seems to be found in western cultures? More than four million people in the United States alone are affected by peanut allergies, while there are few reported cases in India, a country where peanut is the primary ingredient in many baby food products. Where did this allergy come from, and does medicine play any kind of role in the phenomenon? After her own child had an anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter, historian Heather Fraser decided to discover the answers to these questions.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Researchers Dress Down Cochrane for Its Flawed and Biased Review of HPV Vaccines

In May 2018, Cochrane, the research organization that bills itself as the “international gold standard for high quality, trusted information,” released a flattering review of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. The Cochrane review methodology involves pulling together data from clinical trials and reviewing the assembled evidence in what is supposed to be a standardized, systematic and neutral manner.

One in Nine Adverse Events Reported After DTaP Vaccination is Serious—But CDC Says, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Until the 1990s, the vaccine administered to children for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis protection was the DTP vaccine, one of the first combination vaccines ever licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, as a “whole-cell” vaccine (meaning that it contained the entire Bordetella pertussis organism rather than purified components), DTP had a significant downside—including published safety concerns dating back to the 1930s and widespread reports of neurological damage emanating from both the United States and other countries.

New Study: Hep B Vaccine “May Have Adverse Implications For Brain Development and Cognition”

“We have previously verified that neonatal hepatitis B vaccination induced hippocampal neuroinflammation and behavior impairments in mice…This finding suggests that clinical events concerning neonatal IL-4 over-exposure, including neonatal hepatitis B vaccination and allergic asthma in human infants, may have adverse implications for brain development and cognition.”

Precautions in Pediatric Immunization Procedures

In August 1953, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published Precautions in Pediatric Immunization Procedures, written by Louis W. Sauer, M.D., Ph.D. The paper describes “problems” in mass-vaccinating children with aluminum-containing vaccines, due to febrile reactions, aluminum cysts at the site of injection, post-vaccination encephalopathy (brain dysfunction, disease, or disorder), paralytic poliomyelitis of the […]

Maternal Immune Activation and Autism

The prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in the U.S. has exhibited a strong upward trend for several decades. In the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report for 2014, the estimated prevalence of autism in New Jersey—the state with the longest-running and most comprehensive surveillance—was 1 in 22 boys, up an alarming 32% since 2008.

Thousand-Fold Increase in Autism Prevalence since the 1930s

At all levels of society, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are exacting a heavy toll. On a purely economic level, the demand for special services and care for an escalating number of autistic children (and, increasingly, adults) is stretching families, schools and health care systems to the breaking point.

The Boys Are Not Alright

Over the past decade or so, the term “gender gap” has taken on a new and heretofore unimaginable usage. Instead of signaling pay gaps or gender differentials in voting patterns, “gender gap” now seems to be shorthand for male decline and weakness in domains as varied as education, employment and health. Referring to the novel Atlas Shrugged and its focus on “the motor of the world,”

Unraveling the enigma: elucidating the relationship between the physicochemical properties of aluminium-based adjuvants and their immunological mechanisms of action

Aluminum adjuvants in vaccines produce toxic effects ranging from benign to fatal, depending on the physicochemical properties of the adjuvant and the physiological response of the vaccine recipient.

Declining IQ: A Race to the Bottom?

Over the past several decades, American children’s physical and mental well-being has steadily deteriorated. Over half (54%) of all U.S. children (as of 2007) had a chronic health condition—with developmental and behavioral problems, obesity, allergies, asthma and mental health conditions leading the pack—and the prevalence of many of these conditions doubled from 1988 to the mid-2000s.

Vaccines and the Liberal Mind

Slate recently published an investigative report detailing how pharmaceutical giant, Merck, used “flawed” and “unreliable” pre-licensing safety studies to push through approval of its multi-billion-dollar bonanza, the HPV vaccine.

The Ongoing Thimerosal Travesty Needs to End

Before the invention of modern antibiotics and antiseptics, physicians experimented with mercury-containing compounds to try to stave off microbial pathogens. Thimerosal was born of those efforts. Dr. Morris Kharasch, a university chemist and Eli Lilly fellow, developed thimerosal and filed for a patent in June, 1929, describing thimerosal as an “alkyl mercuric sulfur compound” with antibacterial properties.

Experimental Epilepsy in the Monkey Following Multiple Intracerebral Injections of Alumina Cream

The multiple intracerebral injection of alumina cream (aluminum hydroxide cream) into a principal cerebral sensorimotor cortical area is effective in producing chronic epilepsy in monkeys. Some of the clinical, pathological and electroencephalographic features of such epileptic animals, supplemented by a motion picture demonstration of a reactive monkey are the subject of the present report.