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Rand Paul: I’m Not Getting Vaccinated Because I Already Had COVID

In a radio interview, Sen. Rand Paul said because he had COVID, he has acquired natural immunity. Some scientists not only agree, but warn that people who previously had the virus may be at risk of being injured by the vaccine.

Readers Respond to The BMJ Editor’s Call for More Data on COVID Vaccines

After rollout under emergency authorization, manufacturers of COVID vaccines now have their sights on regulatory approval — but should we rush approval based on only six months’ worth of data from unblinded trials?

Tucker Carlson: Americans Shouldn’t Be Forced to Take One-Size-Fits-All Vaccine

Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson, told viewers even though President Biden said COVID vaccines won’t be mandated, Biden is supporting mandates by allowing private industry to require the vaccines.

U.S. Army Used Virtual Town Hall to Convert — and Coerce — Vaccine Skeptics

The U.S. Army Facebook live town hall was designed to promote maximum conversion of soldiers to take the COVID vaccines, and to convince them to persuade their friends and family to do the same.

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Dr. Peter McCullough: The Age of COVID and Abrogation of Hippocratic Oath

CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and physician Peter McCullough discuss the silence from the medical community and media on COVID treatments.

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine

“I’m not here to pick a fight with anyone, just to walk you through some of what I’ve read, my lingering questions and explain why I can’t make sense of these COVID vaccines.”

Scientists Challenge Health Officials on Vaccinating People Who Already Had COVID

Scientists warn vaccinating people who already COVID could potentially cause harm, or even death.

Rebuttal: The ‘Not-So-Hidden Agenda’ Behind Bossche’s Concern Over COVID Mass Vaccination

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Defender is committed to providing a space for scientific debate. This piece is a rebuttal to this article regarding an open letter Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., DVM wrote to the World Health Organization. On March 6, an open letter by Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., DVM, and a video interview of him by Phillip […]

Rebuttal: The ‘Not-So-Hidden Agenda’ Behind Bossche’s Concern Over COVID Mass Vaccination

In her rebuttal to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s open letter to the WHO, Rosemary Frei, MSc, outlines what she says are “a few of the dozens of clues” suggesting that Bossche’s argument “is a continuation of the overall COVID deception.”

National Media Pushes Vaccine Misinformation — Coroner’s Office Never Saw Hank Aaron’s Body

Late last month, the mainstream media attacked me in a regimented swarm “debunking” my quote in The Defender questioning whether Hank Aaron’s death might have been related to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine he received 18 days earlier. I never said that the Moderna shot caused Aaron’s death. I simply made the factual observation that “Aaron’s […]

National Media Pushes Vaccine Misinformation — Coroner’s Office Never Saw Hank Aaron’s Body

The Fulton County medical examiner said the coroner never saw Aaron’s body, much less conducted an examination. By implying that the Fulton County coroner conducted an autopsy, the New York Times and other media outlets deceived their readers.

Former Officer Warns Military of Pitfalls Surrounding COVID Vaccine Mandate

Fast tracking the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for a probable military mandate creates unparalleled dilemma for commanders who will face prodigious legal, medical, safety and ethical questions.

Minors Mistakenly Given AstraZeneca Vaccine + More

The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines on COVID-19 and vaccines.

The Risks vs. Benefits of Face Masks- Is There an Agenda?

There has been a shifting of positions on the use of face masks with the COVID-19 outbreakIs there sound medical or scientific basis for the recommendations? Is much of it simply virtue signaling? Is there a legitimate rationale to do it to protect the vulnerable? And if so, at what cost to the rest of society? There are many important considerations including the risk versus the reward.

Flu Misinformation and Coronavirus Fears: My Letter to Dr. Sanjay Gupta

After learning CNN was featuring him in a documentary about vaccine misinformation, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. penned a letter to Dr. Sanjay Gupta pointing out that CNN and Dr. Gupta, were among the most prolific broadcasters of ‘vaccine misinformation,’ and corrected many of their erroneous assertions.

WHO Experimenting on African Children Without Informed Consent

The World Health Organization (WHO) is sponsoring a malaria vaccine study in African children without obtaining informed consent from parents.

NY Times Deceives about the Odds of Dying from Measles in the US

Peter Hotez deceives New York Times readers about the odds of dying from measles in the US to persuade parents to comply with the CDC’s vaccine schedule.

The Measles Vaccine Narrative Is Collapsing

Given that apocalyptic measles fear-mongering is at the top of vaccine proponents’ current agenda, Dr. Alan Palmer pokes some major holes in their strategy by taking a look at what contemporary science says about the false narratives being repeated ad nauseum in the media.

Paul Offit Unwittingly Exposes Scientific Fraud of FDA’s Vaccine Licensure

Many parents today are naturally concerned about the number of vaccine doses their children are exposed to by following the schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To many parents, it makes sense to avoid vaccinating their children unnecessarily, and to this end a blood test can be done to determine an antibody titer, or the level of antibodies in the blood.

Why Does the CDC Recommend Hepatitis B Vaccination for Infants?

The CDC’s recommendation for universal hepatitis B vaccination of infants puts most children at unnecessary risk of harm from the vaccine.   By Jeremy R. Hammond, Contributing Writer, Children’s Health Defense    Parents are told by public health officials and the media that they should vaccinate their children strictly according to the schedule recommended by […]

CDC’s Recommendation for Hepatitis B Vaccination in Infants. Are There More Risks Than Benefits?

Parents are told by public health officials and the media that they should vaccinate their children strictly according to the schedule recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC’s routine childhood vaccine schedule is based on solid science, we are told, and it is imperative that all parents comply to reduce the societal disease burden.

Mandates Toolbox

Children’s Health Defense believes in complete health freedom for parents. It should be the parent’s choice, and not the government’s, to decide what goes into the bodies of their children. Statewide policy is becoming more and more oppressive while, at the same time, more inadequately-tested vaccines are added to the childhood schedule. Parents in many states are now fighting to keep their personal belief and religious exemptions in place and prevent mandates.

The CDC Claims the Flu Shot Reduces Mortality in the Elderly. But Where’s the Evidence?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone aged six months and up, including pregnant women, get an annual influenza vaccine. The two fundamental assumptions underlying the CDC’s policy are that vaccination reduces transmission of the virus and reduces the risk of potentially deadly complications. Yet multiple reviews of the scientific literature have concluded that there is no good scientific evidence to support the CDC’s claims.

Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr. Richard Deth Professor of Pharmacology in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nova Southeastern University and Professor Emeritus at Northeastern University Dr. Richard Deth received his B.S. degree in Pharmacy from State University of New York at Buffalo, and his doctoral degree in Pharmacology from the University of Miami. His research interests are focused […]

Vaccine Disasters Governments Want You To Forget

Parents who question vaccines are crazy? Really? Parents who claim to discover vaccine-dangers are crazy? Really?

Official history is a curious thing. Whole sections of fact disappear from the record.

When I was researching my first book, AIDS INC., in 1987-88, I explored various forms of immune-system suppression, in order to show that HIV was not the real story.

Holocaust Survivor: Never Again Is Now. Unless We All Resist

In a speech delivered Sunday in Brussels, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav described the striking parallels between what she witnessed as a child in Nazi Germany, and COVID policies being enacted today by governments around the globe.

Award-Winning Journalist Sharyl Attkisson: Propagandists Have ‘Overplayed Their Hand’

Former CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson in an interview last week said mainstream media’s shift from investigative journalism toward a corporate-sponsored, “fact check” mindset originated with left-wing activists seeking to discredit conservative news outlets — and it’s had a major impact on coverage of the pandemic.

Vaccinated Mother With COVID Intubated Days After Delivering Baby + More

The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines.

How COVID Vaccines Suppress the Immune System

In a preprint paper, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., described a mechanism of the COVID shots that results in the suppression of the innate immune system, and how that is leading to an increase in cancer cases in people who got the vaccines.

Worldwide Walkouts – An Ongoing Campaign

Listen to our new rally cry to join the movement. Lyrics by: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  •  Music Produced by: Dicky Barrett  •  Performed by: Grant Ellman, Prezence Music  •  Video Produced by: Children’s Health Defense, Brian Burrowes, Dicky Barrett, Aimee Villella McBride  •  Footage Courtesy of: Oracle Films, Matt Veligdan, Souls of a Movement […]