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Climate Change Will Give Rise to More Cancers

In an analysis of nearly five dozen published scientific papers, researchers provide a synopsis of future effects from global warming on major cancers.

DC Law Would Give Vaccine Decisions to Kids 11 or Older Without Parents’ Knowledge or Consent

Children could consent to vaccines without parents’ permission, while insurance companies, vaccine providers and schools would be required to conceal that the child has been vaccinated.

September/October 2020: Injured Kids, Society Costs

While the United States remains solely focused on the impact of the coronavirus when it comes to special education coverage, the same thing is not true in Britain or in Ireland.

Same Story, Different Decade: How WHO’s Definition of a Global Pandemic Benefits Big Pharma

When WHO broadened its definition of global pandemic in 2009, H1N1 vaccine makers profited at taxpayers’ expense. COVID vaccine makers will likely reap even more benefits.

Liability-Free COVID Vaccine Makers Seek Additional ‘Free Pass’ From FDA

The FDA’s “Emergency Use Authorization” allows drugmakers to skip inspections designed to ensure the safety of their manufacturing plants and operations.

Let’s Learn From South Korea’s Aggressive Rollout of Its Flu Vaccine Campaign

As of Oct. 26, at least 59 people had died and more than 1,200 reported adverse reactions following the rollout of the flu vaccine campaign.

Why The Defender

Our children are sick 54% of American children are chronically ill. 1 in 2 teens have a mental health disorder 1 in 5 children are obese 1 in 5 teens have a severe mental disorder 1 in 6 children have a developmental disability 1 in 11 children have ADHD 1 in 12 children have asthma […]

Under Guise of ‘Helping’ Schools, Big Tech Collects — and Profits From — Kids’ Data

EdTech firms collect biometric data about children’s educational, social and emotional skills, and use the data to train and improve their artificial intelligence (AI) software.

70+ Science and Climate Journalists Challenge Barrett for ‘Scientifically Unsound’ Statements

Journalists say Judge Amy Coney Barrett has displayed a profound inability to understand the ecological crisis of our times, and in so doing she enables it.

NIAID Contract Obligates Pentagon to Buy 500,000,000 Doses of Moderna’s COVID Vaccine for $9 Billion

Contract obtained through Freedom of Information Act raises questions about Fauci, transparency and conflicts of interest.

An International Message of Hope for Humanity From RFK, Jr.

The only way we can win the battle is with democracy.

Response Brief Filed in Landmark Case Against FCC on 5G and Wireless Health Impacts

The following is a transcript of this video. Also see related article.     DAFNA TACHOVER: Hi everyone, and thank you for joining us. My name is Dafna Tachover and I’m the Children’s Health Defense director of its 5G, and Wireless Home Program. We are holding this press conference to discuss the filing of our […]

Race for a COVID Vaccine Puts Sharks — and Ocean Ecosystems — in Peril

At least five drugmakers are using squalene, a compound extracted from sharks, in clinical and pre-clinical evaluations for a COVID-19 vaccine.

WHO Taps ‘Anti-Conspiracy’ Crusader to Sway Public Opinion on COVID Vaccine

Harvard behavioral economics prof to lead WHO’s newly created technical advisory group that aims to foster public acceptance of COVID vaccine.

Remdesivir Gets FDA Approval, but WHO Says Drug Ineffective for COVID

Gilead’s remdesivir projected to generate $3 billion in sales for the upcoming year — but the WHO says the drug has no benefit.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense Call for Congressional Investigation of COVID origin

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) are calling upon Congress to conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances behind the global COVID-19 crisis that is taking an overwhelming toll on human lives and livelihoods.

What COVID Vaccine Policymakers Can Learn From Botched Military Anthrax Vaccine Program

It’s time to re-evaluate recommendations related to the approval, mandating and monitoring of vaccines.

How Remote Learning Impacts Children’s Health and Well-Being

COVID is exacerbating health disparities among children and having significant impacts on their physical, social and cognitive development.

Schools Increase Use of Toxic Chemicals to Fight COVID Despite Health Impacts on Children

Nearly half of the disinfectants recommended by the EPA contain quaternary ammonium compounds, a broad group of chemicals sometimes referred to as “quats.”

$18 Billion COVID Vaccine Gold Rush Threatens Horseshoe Crabs, Ocean Ecosystem

Demand for horseshoe crab blood for COVID-19 vaccines may exterminate the crabs and destroy the shore birds and the marine ecosystem that depend on them.

Holocaust Survivor: Don’t Let Authorities Use Fear to Turn You Into a ‘Robot’

Holocaust survivor and activist Vera Sharav has some strong words for adults who value their health and individual freedom …

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. vs Alan Dershowitz: The Great Vaccine Debate!

The following is a transcript of this video. Also see related article. Introduction: (Video excerpts)   PATRICK BET-DAVID: There will soon be a new vaccine for the coronavirus pandemic. The question is, are these vaccines safe and can the government force you to take them? When it comes down to lawyers, they itch for things […]

Johnson & Johnson Pauses COVID Vaccine Trials After ‘Unexplained Illness’

Johnson & Johnson temporarily paused Phase 3 clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine on Monday after one participant experienced what the company termed “an unexplained illness.”

Airlines Test ‘Proof-of-Immunity’ Technology, Privacy Watchdogs Call It ‘Troubling’

At least two airlines are testing CommonPass, a new technology designed to let passengers prove they’ve tested negative for COVID-19 before they fly.

Children’s Health Defense Puts a Face to Transverse Myelitis

Last month the world watched the media duck and dodge the seriousness of transverse myelitis, after it was learned that a volunteer in the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials developed the disorder.

Poll Shows Americans ‘Afraid of Vaccine Side Effects’

A new nationwide online poll of 1,006 likely voters, conducted by John Zogby Strategies, finds a significant portion of the population has doubts about vaccines in general.

Bill Gates on Track to Grow His Fortune Through Foundation’s Ties to Vaccine Makers

A telling piece in The Nation this week reports some of the conflicts of interest the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation holds in the world’s quest for a COVID-19 vaccine. According to the article, the foundation’s investments in companies working to develop COVID-19 vaccines put Gates “in a position to potentially reap considerable financial gains from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

‘The Social Dilemma’ Sounds Alarm on Social Media’s Dark Side

“The Social Dilemma,” a new documentary that explores the dark side of social media, has been a hot topic online since its Netflix release in August. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, the movie makes the case that widespread use of social media has led to a decline in mental health and an increase in political polarization.

Supreme Court Nominee Judge Barrett’s Record Shows Bias for Big Business

On Sept. 26, the Trump administration nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. At age 48, Barrett could serve on the court for decades if confirmed as expected.

Gates Foundation Doubles Down on Industrial Agriculture Propaganda in Africa

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded another $10 million late last month to the controversial Cornell Alliance for Science, a communications campaign housed at Cornell that trains fellows in Africa and elsewhere to promote and defend genetically engineered foods, crops and agrochemicals. The new grant brings the Gates Foundation grants to the group to $22 million.