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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Forbes Magazine & CDC’s Rogue Scientist

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Stark facts belie Willingham's dismissive assertion that Thorsen is merely the creature of an anti-vaccine conspiracy mill. Poul Thorsen is subject of a 22-count indictment by the US Department of Justice for wire fraud and money laundering in connection with more than $1 million in research grants that he allegedly […]

The True History Behind Salon’s Retraction of my “Deadly Immunity” Article

Key Facts By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Salon removed my piece “Deadly Immunity” years after its publication. Salon cited no new factual mistakes to support its retraction. Parroting CDC/Pharma talking points, Salon’s Editor-at-Large, Joan Walsh, explained that Salon had simply lost faith in the science that links thimerosal to brain injuries. Salon cited no science […]