January 06, 2020

Empowered Parenting Event Hawai`i

Join us for an evening that will build, strengthen and empower our community of parents to raise healthier children, despite the barrage of toxins in our modern world.

Learn from keynote speaker, one of the nation’s most sought after pediatricians, Lawrence Palevsky, MD.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be in attendance to share his unifying vision of state chapters for CHD, celebrate Hawai’i as we work towards state chapter status, and update the audience on our national movement for health freedom.

Learn more about 5G and wireless technology health concerns from Children’s Health Defense expert attorney Dafna Tachover.

This event will be held in the central Honolulu area and details on venue location will be sent to the email provided by 1/18/20.

Sorry, ticket sales are now closed.

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