At Home

Not long ago, cell towers and small cells entered residential areas, smart meters were mandated and we began bringing more (and often unnecessary) wireless devices inside the home. This section provides resources to help you reevaluate the “Smart Home” and create a healthier home environment.

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Reducing RF Exposure at Home

  • Power Off Your WiFi Router at Night. Powering down your WiFi router at night can significantly reduce unnecessary RF exposure.WiFi-enabled devices and routers constantly transmit and receive RF signals to form an active internet connection which can disrupt melatonin production at night and lead to poor quality sleep.
  • Create WiFi-Free Zones for Children. Due to their smaller heads, thinner skulls and more conductive brain tissue, children are particularly vulnerable to RF exposure. All wireless devices such as tablets, TVs, gaming consoles and baby monitors should be kept out of playrooms, children’s bedrooms and wherever they spend the most time.
  • Wire Your Connection. WiFi-enabled devices and routers constantly transmit and receive RF signals in order to form an active internet connection, using the air as a medium to do so. Connecting to the internet via ethernet cables eliminates this unnecessary exposure and provides faster internet speeds.
  • Activate Airplane Mode and Disable all Wireless Antennas. When devices are not in use, every wireless antenna should be disabled to reduce unnecessary RF exposure. Keep in mind that activating airplane mode may not disable every antenna. Ensure that WiFi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth antennas are disabled.
  • Distance is Key. RF exposure from electronic devices such as WiFi routers and smartphones generally decreases with distance from the source. Ensure the distance between devices and bodies is maximized e.g., use speakerphone instead of holding the phone up to your head and do not sleep with your phone under your pillow.
  • Limit Your Time. Educate yourself and your family to be conscious about the time spent engaging with wireless devices, especially smartphones. As an alternative, opt for a landline with a corded phone instead (yes, the “old-fashioned” kind), but avoid DECT cordless phones as they constantly emit wireless signals.
  • Unsmart Your Home. Smart devices use RF signals to share information with users and other devices via the internet, increasing your family’s overall RF exposure. Reduce your exposure by opting out of smart cars, smart meters, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, smart speakers, smart watches, etc.
  • Avoid Bluetooth Wireless Devices. The frequencies used by Bluetooth devices are very similar to those used by WiFi routers. Wireless home phones, headphones, keyboards, mice, smartwatches and fitness trackers emit RF radiation close to the body. Wired alternatives are widely available and should be preferred over wireless options.

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