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In an interview Tuesday with the Centre for Research on Globalization, Dr. Peter McCullough discussed a wide range of issues related to the COVID vaccines, including how one of his own patients died from the vaccine.

McCullough also said government health and regulatory agencies are not being transparent about the vaccines’ safety.

“I’m a doctor,” McCullough said. “I’m an internist and cardiologist. I just came from the hospital, and in my personal practice, I see patients a few days a week in the office. So believe me when I say I’ve had a woman die of the COVID-19 vaccine.”

McCullough said:

“She had shot number one. She had shot number two. After shot number two, she developed blood clots throughout her body. She required hospitalization and intravenous blood thinners. She was ravaged and had serious neurological damage … the next month I get a call from the Dallas coroner’s office saying she’s been found dead at home.”

McCullough said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “have their marching orders to execute this [vaccination] program,” and that regular safety reports and honesty “would only cause problems” for such a program.

McCullough said:

“They’re not telling us anything, they literally are blindsiding us with no transparency, and now Americans are scared to death. And because of these giant safety concerns, and the lack of transparency, we’re at an impasse … you can feel the tension in America. People are walking off the job, they don’t want to lose their jobs, but they don’t want to be hurt, or worse, die from the vaccine.”

McCullough also stressed the importance of early treatment when dealing with COVID and how no doctor should be ridiculed for prescribing FDA emergency-use-approved monoclonal antibody treatments because “[they] are just as approved as the vaccines.”

He highlighted how comedian Joe Rogan used monoclonal antibodies when he was diagnosed with the virus, as did former President Donald Trump.

“This is not renegade medicine, this is the standard of care,” McCullough said. “And it’s much safer than the vaccine.”