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Children’s Health Defense (CHD) last week officially launched its “Vax-Unvax” bus tour, traveling from Dallas to Oklahoma City and on to Kansas City over the weekend.

The 42-foot bus, adorned with the words “Vax-Unvax — The People’s Study,” will travel across the continental U.S. over the next year, gathering stories from people who have been injured or died as a result of vaccination — including COVID-19 shots — or from COVID-19 hospital treatment protocols.

The theme of the bus tour is “People over profits, truth over lies, courage over fear.” The bus tour aims to expose vaccine injury and give voice to those who have been censored and ignored by governments, health agencies and the medical system.

The tour coincides with the release of the book “Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak,” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., CHD’s chairman on leave, and Brian Hooker, Ph.D., CHD’s senior director of science and research.

In the book — which will be available Aug. 29 from Amazon and Barnes & Noble — Kennedy and Hooker investigate more than 100 peer-reviewed studies analyzing the differences in health outcomes in vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations.

Kennedy who founded CHD but is on leave while he campaigns for the Democratic nomination for president of the U.S., attended the launch.

Polly Tommey, program manager for CHD.TV, and CHD President Mary Holland on an episode of “‘This Week’ With Mary and Polly,” discussed the bus tour. Holland said:

“Polly, what you’re doing is really oral history. You’re doing what the government won’t do, what the medical establishment won’t do — and that’s to hear the stories of what happened from all these medical interventions. …

“It’s so important that we capture that history now while it’s fresh, before what could be the next pandemic and the next rollout of mass mandates and everything else.”

Holland was at the bus launch, too:

The bus will be in Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday before traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana, on Aug. 31. It is scheduled to arrive in Detroit, Michigan, on Sept. 8, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Sept. 11 and Buffalo, New York, on Sept. 13 before making its way across New York state, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, and arriving in Boston, Massachusetts, on Sept. 27.

You can find the bus schedule here.

At each bus stop, people who were harmed by vaccines or hospital protocols, or family members and friends of those who were harmed or died, will have a platform to share their stories and sign their names on the bus.

“The tremendous excitement around the launch of the CHD bus is understandable given that so many people have been silenced when their personal experiences don’t align with government narratives,” said CHD Vice President Laura Bono.

Bono added:

“There are countless citizens in this country who have been profoundly impacted by COVID restrictions, vaccine mandates and risky but strictly enforced medical procedures.

“The CHD bus provides a unique platform for people to share the stories that are being kept from the public by today’s mainstream media, which only parrots what government health agencies and profit-driven industries dictate.”

The bus will make an extended stop in Savannah, Georgia, from Nov. 3-5 to coincide with CHD’s second annual conference.

Titled “Rise and Resist,” the conference will feature a number of well-known speakers, including Kennedy Hooker, Holland, Tommey, Bono, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Andy Wakefield, M.D., Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D., Vera Sharav, James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D., and many others.

“It’s going to be a fantastic weekend in Savannah,” Holland said. “Ideas happen, connections happen, momentum builds. There’s nothing like being together.”

Polly, who is traveling the country with the bus, has already interviewed numerous individuals, families and groups.

She spoke with a mom who ended up doing a “Vax-Unvax” study with her children:

A man shared the story of his wife, whom he says was mistreated in the hospital due to her unvaccinated status:

Here is a sampling of other interviews from the bus:

They Couldn’t Stop the Seizures

My Best Friend Died After 2nd Pfizer Shot

They Didn’t Feed My Husband For 5 Days Before He Died

Pfizer Covid Shot Destroyed My Life

My Nerves Feel Like ‘Frayed Wires’: Guillain-Barré Following Pfizer Covid Vaccination

Mandate Killed My Husband

Mason Died After His 4 Month Vaccines

4-Month Vaccines Brain Injured My Daughter

Helicopter Pilot Forced to Get COVID Shot Grounded After Rare Strokes

3 Generations of Unvaccinated

“For those that don’t want to listen to the stories streaming the whole day,” Polly said, “we are setting up a #CHDBUS Twitter feed just for you.”

Catch the above stories and many others on Twitter/X here, and share them on social media using “#CHDBUS.”

Polly said:

“To all your viewers that have contributed and people who have made this bus possible, and everyone at Children’s Health Defense … and to everybody who’s come together to make this happen … it’s a big thanks!

“Hopefully we’ll see you all on the road. And do make yourself known who you are because we’d love to meet you.”

Click here to learn more, see the bus schedule and share your story.

The Defender on occasion posts content related to Children’s Health Defense’s nonprofit mission that features Mr. Kennedy’s views on the issues CHD and The Defender regularly cover. In keeping with Federal Election Commission rules, this content does not represent an endorsement of Mr. Kennedy who is on leave from CHD and is seeking the Democratic nomination for president of the U.S.