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The latest episode of CHD Live!’s “The Empower Hour” features interviews with pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro and scientist Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., about children’s health, pesticides, gut health and how to build a strong immune system.

Co-hosts Zen Honeycutt, founding director of Moms Across America and Mothers Across the World, and Carol Grieve, of Food Integrity Now, also fielded questions from viewers about kids’ diets and health.

Perro and Seneff honed in on the pesticide, glyphosate, as one of the worst for kids, as it is known to disrupt the gut microbiome.

“Immune function begins in the gut,” Perro said. “To support immunity, you have to support the gut microbes, and the first step is diet. Without fiber, microbes don’t do well.”

Perro also reminded viewers that the pesticide, glyphosate, is technically an antibiotic, which kills healthy microbes, which weakens the immune system.

Here are a few of the topics covered in this week’s episode:

  • A study on how to lower dietary risks by choosing organic food.
  • Mainstream media isn’t talking about dietary risks and solutions to build a healthy immune system.
  • How to get the most nutrition out of your organic food.
  • Mothers are reporting more chronic issues, most of them gut health-based.
  • How glyphosate may be linked to autism.
  • Signs your child may have poor gut health, and how to improve it.

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Watch this week’s episode here: