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Doctors in Norway Told to Assess Severely Frail Patients for Vaccination

After reports of 33 deaths suspected to be related to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, Norway health officials are advising doctors to assess frail and terminally ill patients for whom side effects may be fatal.

Fauci: COVID Vaccine May Become Mandatory

Dr. Anthony Fauci told media vaccines may be required by some businesses, for overseas travel, and when it comes to schools, “Everything’s on the table.” But as more vaccine-related deaths and injuries are reported, the less likely mandates will become widespread.

Vaccine Injury Reporting Systems ‘Utterly Inadequate,’ Independent Researchers Say

New peer-reviewed study of adverse events following MMRV vaccines highlights the urgent need for independent research on vaccine safety and the importance of informed consent and vaccine choice.

Mexico’s Left-Wing President Schools America in Free Speech and Civil Rights

Andrés Manuel López Obrador refuses to allow corporations or health officials to use the pandemic as an excuse to restrict people’s liberty, preferring to place his trust in them to do the right thing.

China Health Experts Call for Suspension of COVID Vaccines as Norway Investigates 33 Deaths, Germany Probes 10 Deaths

Norway upped the number of deaths under investigation, from 23 last week to 33, while in Germany, health officials said they are investigating 10 deaths that occurred among elderly patients who received the COVID vaccine.

Norway Officials ‘Not Alarmed’ by Deaths of 23 Elderly People After COVID Vaccine

Norway health officials have “adjusted their advice” about vaccinating the elderly, but claim the COVID vaccines pose “very little risk.” The deaths raise serious questions about vaccinating a vulnerable, frail population.

WHO: No Guarantee COVID Vaccines Will Prevent People From Being Infected

At a virtual press conference held by the World Health Organization officials warned there is no clear evidence COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing asymptomatic infection and transmission.

Death by Coincidence?

Declarations by health officials and vaccine makers that deaths and injuries following COVID vaccinations are unrelated coincidences are becoming a pattern. They’re also depriving people of the information they need to make informed decisions.

Bell’s Palsy and Vaccines: What’s the Connection?

Pfizer and the FDA downplayed the cases of Bell’s palsy in COVID vaccine trial participants. But the evidence that vaccines, including COVID and flu, cause the disorder deserves further investigation.

Tip of the Iceberg? Thousands of COVID Vaccine Injuries and 13 U.S. Deaths Reported in December Alone

In December, 3,916 COVID vaccine-related adverse events, including 13 deaths, were reported to VAERS. As more adverse events — ranging from life-threatening anaphylaxis to death — occur, it will be tougher to “sell” the experimental injections.

Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor

Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University, told the New York Times Tuesday that he believes “it is a medical certainty” that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine caused the death of Dr. Gregory Michael.

‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: The Pope’s ‘Stunning’ Hard Sell on COVID Vaccines + More

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense vice chair and general counsel, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly talk about the death of a Florida doctor after getting the Pfizer vaccine, how vaccine propaganda is being revved up … and more.

COVID 19 News Watch Archive

Archive from February 26th – November 17th, 2020 *** February 26 ‘Mission Possible’: Pfizer and BioNtech Star in Their Own Vaccine Discovery Movie FiercePharma reported: It’s lights, camera, action for Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine scientists and executives. They’re starring in “Mission Possible,” a branded content film from Pfizer and National Geographic that tracks the COVID-19 […]

COVID Ushers in Brave New World of Vaccines

In his video report, “The Future of Vaccines,” investigative journalist James Corbett reviews how the novel COVID-19 vaccine is paving the way for non-consensual medical experimentation on the general public.

In Rush to Create Magic-Bullet COVID Vaccines, Have We Made Matters Worse?

Study that found vaccines that don’t prevent viral transmission may accelerate evolution of more virulent strains could mean leading vaccine candidates may make COVID crisis worse.

‘Perfectly Healthy’ Florida Doctor Dies Weeks After Getting Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Miami medical examiner is investigating the death of 56-year-old Dr. Gregory Michael who reportedly died from a rare autoimmune disease 15 days after being vaccinated. Michael’s wife wants her husband’s death to serve as a warning to others.

Gray Lady’s Sad Decline: New York Times Shills for Pharma Under Guise of ‘Fact Checking’

The corporate media’s use of questionable “fact checkers” to shape and censor information isn’t new, though the practice has reached new heights during the pandemic. CHD’s recent encounter with the New York Times is a perfect example.

Big Tech and Big Pharma Merge: Oracle Takes Over Vaccine Data World

The pandemic handed Oracle CEO Larry Ellison what he’s wanted for decades — the power to curate the vast datasets housing our medical, financial and personal information.

New York Times Declines My Rebuttal to Defamatory Op-Ed on COVID Vaccines

On Dec. 30, 2020, the New York Times published an opinion piece by my niece, Dr. Kerry Meltzer. Although the piece contained factual errors and defamatory accusations, the Times declined to publish my letter to the editor correcting those false claims.

Zogby Poll Shows Nearly 6 in 10 Prefer to Wait or Outright Reject Getting COVID Vaccine

“These numbers show millions of Americans are afraid or uncertain about future effects of this next-generation vaccine.”

‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Vaccinating the Elderly + Allergic Reactions to Pfizer Vaccine

Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine-related headline news, including “preemptive programming” by Big Pharma to prepare us for vaccine deaths among the elderly, and how the CDC recommends those who’ve had allergic reactions in the past “get the vaccine anyway.”

FDA Investigates Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine After More Healthcare Workers Hospitalized

The FDA is investigating allergic reactions in “multiple states.” The agency acknowledged the reactions may have been caused by PEG, a compound in the Pfizer vaccine that CHD previously told the FDA could put millions of people at risk.

RFK, Jr. Tells Co-Chair of New COVID Advisory Board: VAERS Is Broken, You Can Fix It

With Pfizer’s vaccine already approved for emergency use, and Moderna’s authorization imminent, we urgently need a comprehensive, high-integrity system to monitor adverse outcomes to these vaccines, RFK, Jr. wrote in a letter to Dr. David Kessler, newly named co-chair of Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Committee.

2 U.S. Healthcare Workers Suffer Allergic Reaction to Pfizer COVID Vaccine. How Many More Are at Risk?

An Alaska woman with no prior history of allergies was hospitalized after she went into anaphylactic shock minutes after receiving the vaccine.

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr.: Standing Up to Big Pharma: An interview with Russell and Samar Okung

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviews Carolina Panthers defensive tackle and Super Bowl Champion Russell Okung and his wife, Samar, about how they are using their notoriety for meaningful work.

CHD Article on Big-Picture Look at Current Pandemic Beneficiaries Accepted by Peer-Reviewed Journal

An article by Children’s Health Defense on how the pandemic facilitated a financial, tech, biopharmaceutical and military-intelligence push for centralized, technocratic control has been accepted by the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research.

RFK, Jr. Warned FDA Three Months Ago About Ingredient in Pfizer COVID Vaccine That Likely Caused Life-Threatening Reaction in Two UK Healthcare Workers

An investigation this week identified polyethylene glycol (PEG) as the likely reason two people in the UK suffered anaphylaxis after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. In September, CHD Chairman RFK, Jr. warned the FDA that PEG in COVID vaccines could lead to severe allergic reactions.

Cautionary Tale: This COVID Vaccine Could Heighten HIV Risk for Some, Scientists Warn

In a letter published in The Lancet, several researchers raised questions about the potential for adenovirus-based vaccines to increase the risk of HIV for some recipients.

Sausage Making at FDA: How Human Cancer Cells Got Into Vaccines

In a 2012 meeting, the FDA voted to allow the use of human fetal cells and adult human tumor cells in vaccines, despite acknowledging the many risks, including that vaccine recipients might later develop cancer.

‘Defacto Human Experiment:’ Mary + Polly Discuss Rollout of Pfizer Vaccine in UK, Danger of Vaccinating Elderly + More

In “This Week,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine-related headline news, including the rollout of Pfizer’s vaccine in the UK, concerns about vaccinating the elderly … and more.