Stop COVID Mandates

Mandates have no place in a free country. If you’re being coerced or bullied to get vaccinated to keep your job or send your child to school or their activities, check out the resources available to fight COVID mandates.

YOU Can Be the Facilitator of Change!

Have you been able to hold the line with your employer thus far, but feel pinched and worried about the constant threat to your livelihood? Did you “do your part” by getting the first round of vaccines but choose not to be forced into a booster? Is your board of education forcing your child to stay masked? Are you fighting a bill that would mandate COVID vaccines for your children to attend school? Is your college or university mandating vaccination or forcing you to test?
Our Stop Mandates Resource page is full of information to help you push back against mandates.

Use the resources below to fight COVID mandates in your community and learn more about CHD’s battles and victories:

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K-12 Schools/Activities

Remember to visit our other Children’s Health Defense campaign pages for additional resources to help you STOP THE MANDATES!

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Worldwide Walkouts:
Connecting activists around the globe ›
Show Up Strong:
Use your voice to influence elected officials and state laws ›
It’s Time to Follow the Science
Campaign against EUA of Pfizer vaccine for young children ›
Protect Our Children:
Parents Are
Campaign against EUA of Pfizer vaccine for young children ›

Be sure to visit our handout and sticker gallery for more tools and resources to effectively push back against mandates in your community.

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