Show Up Strong

People around the globe are showing up strong in protest of tyrannical government overreach and unconstitutional mandates to demand that lawmakers defend freedom.

It’s vital that concerned parents, grandparents and citizens all over the world create relationships with their elected officials. Your legislator’s work for you. Their job is to listen to the concerns of constituents and ensure that their voices are represented. Elected officials represent the people at all levels of government — federal, state and county. Ensure that your voice is represented on issues concerning religious and medical freedoms, bodily autonomy and parental choice.

Use the resources in our handouts and sticker gallery for support as you speak with your legislators:

Effective Advocacy to Prevent Vaccine Mandates

Effective advocacy at local and state levels is crucial if we are to prevent vaccine mandates. Pharmaceutical lobbyists have been hard at work for years to set the stage for legislatures to enact vaccine mandates, ensuring the most profitable immunization uptake rates are achieved. The COVID crisis provides the perfect backdrop of fear and panic that Big Pharma needs to swiftly push through these mandates. Your advocacy efforts will be key in preventing these dangerous and freedom-decimating legislative efforts. Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or completely new to advocacy — we’ve assembled the most effective tools to assist you in preparing to make your voice heard.

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Tips and tools for effective communication with your state and community politicians:

First and foremost — don’t be intimidated at the thought of approaching lawmakers. Your legislators have been elected by the people and are there to do the work of the people, for the people — and that includes you! Always keep this in mind as you connect with like-minded individuals in preparing for in-person visits or email/phone call campaigns to urge that mandate legislation is stopped in its tracks.

Here are a few tips to make your efforts as impactful as possible:

  • Find your tribe. Find others in your area who also oppose vaccine mandates and team up to plan your approach. There are advocacy groups in every state which are relatively easy to find on social media.
  • Be proactive, not reactive. It is important to have a high-level view of where your local and state legislative body stands on these issues of importance. Stay in close contact with the elected officials in your district but be prepared to contact all of your representatives quickly as these bills are being fast-tracked. Be sure to create educational outreach campaigns for those that fall into the moveable middle.
  • Get personal with a face-to-face meeting. In-person visits to lawmakers are the most effective means of communicating and group visits typically have the most impact.
  • Build relationships with your local elected officials. Get to know your lawmakers. Follow their social media pages and attend local events. Build a relationship before legislation has become an emergency situation — even if there are no mandate bills under current consideration, it’s quite possible there will be in the future. You will have paved the way.
  • Be the change. We are part of something bigger than ourselves and we represent a movement of millions. Always be respectful and calm when communicating with your lawmakers.
  • Lead with your why. We all have a reason that we are committed to doing this work. Share your story of vaccine injury, tell it as part of your objections and share the impact of vaccine injury. Photos of your vaccine-injured child or relative can be very effective.
  • Leave behind informational material. Take along informational materials so that your representatives have something tangible to consider and reflect back upon. All of the materials included within these pages can be printed out to distribute to legislators.
  • Follow up often. Follow up with a phone call or email to thank your representatives for their time and remind them of your stance on vaccine mandates. If you can’t travel to your state capital for in-person visits, phone calls and emails can also be effective. Be brief and to the point and contact your representatives frequently. Some groups arrange specific days to call or email in response to announcements of committee meetings and votes on bills being considered.

Please watch this video on Effective Lobbying with Dawn Richardson and review Tips for Effective Lobbying to set you up for success as you head into meetings with your local elected officials.

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