Kim Spencer

People ask me often why I still remain in mercury and children’s health activism…after all, my son is largely recovered from a serious childhood illness and I could change my life’s path to one much less upsetting. But in the 14 years I’ve been in this movement, I’ve met the smartest, most amazing people, all working on the common goal of making sure our future is secure, a planet where human brains are intact and people are able to live their lives to the fullest. How could I leave this passion, this fight? I can’t.  I believe this is the fight of our lifetime. The Biggest Medical Mistake in Human History is occurring and it MUST STOP.

My son was injured by his vaccines starting at birth and his doctors all agree that a family history of autoimmune issues (which he clearly inherited) plus a unusual amount of mercury injected (100 mcg over 2 years) caused a complete loss of childhood. He couldn’t communicate, he couldn’t toilet train, he didn’t know where he was in space and his body was full of dangerous pathogens that were wreaking havoc on his body. His sensory issues in EVERY category (audio, visual, taste, touch and smell) caused violent meltdowns at every turn. He was a heavy child, and as he got older, the harder he was to handle without injury to himself and his caretakers.

The worst part of it all is that before he was born, I didn’t understand that I needed to ask questions. Now it is my life’s mission to make sure people know to ask, know to do their own research and know how to stand up for themselves. If I’d had a “me”…someone to share truth with me…what a different life my family, especially my son, would have experienced. I am dedicated to giving a hand up to anyone who wants help to prevent, recover and share for the sake of all humankind.

There is not one more family that deserves this to happen to their child. There is not one more moment that needs to go by when a family is not fully informed of the risks of modern medicine or the toxins in our environment. There is not one more family that should have to pay every dime they have plus more to get their child back from this sentence. Parents are lied to, information is obscured, people do not have the tools they need to make the best choices for their families and keep them as healthy as possible. Therefore, I won’t stop screaming, working, traveling, writing, researching, posting, marching and doing what I can to help our movement STOP the madness. Approximately HALF of all American children are chronically ill. This is not acceptable and I won’t stop doing What I Do until it’s over.