Joyce Ghen


I come to Children’s Health Defense for two reasons.

Number one: I do not have a vaccine-injured child. I used to say that with complete confidence, but every time new research comes out I question that statement. Both my boys and I have ADD and major depressive disorders (my youngest died by suicide in 2009), and my oldest has a form of OCD called Excoriation. All of which can be connected to vaccines. There’s a reason I make this connection, rather than just saying “it runs in the family” or something similar. Here’s the history.

I am an Army brat, and can totally relate to JB Handley’s article about being “The Seventies Most Vaccinated Child” I cannot even begin to count the number of vaccines I received growing up. Not only did I receive all the “normal” childhood vaccines, I also received cholera every 6 months (we lived in Turkey for a total of seven years,) and I can distinctly remember getting gamma globulin. (Now they use the Hep vaccines.) I can only imagine how much mercury was pumped into my 12 year-old body on a recurring basis! How can that NOT affect you or your future children?

Number two: I have known and worked with Laura Bono (Director of Marketing for Children’s Health Defense) for 17 years, so I saw from a distance the frustration and stress the entire family had to work through with from the time Jackson was 11. I can only imagine what the first 11 years were like. I know Jackson’s story. There is no doubt in my mind he was vaccine-injured by the mercury.

So, why do I do this? Because I’ve seen the research. I’ve heard the stories. No parent should have to go through their child’s regression into an ASD . . . especially because I truly believe it is preventable.