Make a Birthday Wish

If you have a Facebook account, you’ve also have a wonderful way right at your fingertips to help CHD achieve its mission to end the childhood epidemics that are devastating the health of our kids.

Rather than exchanging the typical birthday pleasantries to mark your big day, you can ask friends and family to donate to CHD. Not only will you be helping us with critical funding, this could be an opportunity to educate people who may not be aware of the dire state of children’s health and how it is impacting everyone, not just those directly affected.

Birthday fundraising is very easy to set up. Just click on the “Fundraisers” tab found on the left column of your news feed. On the “Fundraisers” page, hover over and click “Birthday Fundraisers.” Follow instructions and clicks. Then select Children’s Health Defense as your nonprofit of choice. You can set your fundraising goal, end date, and invite family and friends directly to the fundraiser. Keep in mind that small donations add up and will ultimately have an impact. And an added benefit to birthday fundraising? It feels good to give!