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Children’s Health Defense Names First Katherine G. Weisman Fellow

Lt. Col. Steven P. Petrosino, Ph.D., will work with Children’s Health Defense chief scientific officer, Brian Hooker, Ph.D., researching the health of unvaccinated children and adults and the long-term health effects of other medical interventions.

Children’s Health Defense Is Hiring — Scientific Research/Administrative Assistant

Children’s Health Defense is hiring a scientific research/administrative assistant. Read the job description below and apply if your skills match.

Children’s Health Defense Is Hiring

Children’s Health Defense is hiring two new positions: director of finance and director of marketing.

Children’s Health Defense Joins Citizens on November 3 to Kick Off Worldwide Walkouts to Demand a Return to Freedom and Democratic Principles

Related Content Stop Mandates Worlwide Walkouts Advocacy Hub People around the globe are protesting loss of liberty, illegal mandates and tyrannical government overreach Washington, DC – On November 3rd, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) will join organizations and individuals by kicking off a worldwide “walk out” of work by calling in sick or taking a personal […]

Children’s Health Defense Responds to Biden’s ‘Declaration of War Against Unvaccinated’

In a “deeply disturbing” speech last week, President Biden exhorted medical coercion of an experimental gene therapy for a virus with a 99% survival rate for a large portion of the population, and for which no one bears financial liability in cases where injuries or deaths occur.

Children’s Health Defense Sues FDA Over Approval of Pfizer Comirnaty Vaccine

The lawsuit, filed Aug. 31, alleges the U.S. Food and Drug Administration violated federal law when the agency simultaneously licensed Pfizer’s Comirnaty COVID vaccine and extended Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Children’s Health Defense ‘Community Corner’: Is Homeschooling for You?

“Community Corner,” hosted weekly by Children’s Health Defense, features the latest news from health freedom activists around the world.

Children’s Health Defense Launches ‘Walk Out Week’ to Combat Arbitrary and Dangerous Mandates and Restrictions

Thousands of Parents and Educators Plan to ‘Walk Out’ To Protest Masking, Vaccine Mandates We have launched a nationwide “Walk Out Week” starting on September 13 in response to mask and vaccine mandates in schools and businesses around the country. Parents, educators and concerned citizens across the U.S. will participate in the coordinated week-long event […]

Children’s Health Defense Sues Rutgers University Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that Rutgers is working with Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to study and develop their vaccines in on-going clinical trials, and will benefit financially if more people are required to take the shots.

‘Historic Win’ by Children’s Health Defense in Case Against FCC on Safety Guidelines for 5G and Wireless

Media Contact: Dafna Tachover WHEN: Monday, August 16 at 10 a.m PT / 1 p.m. ET WHERE: By Zoom, Register Here  WHAT: The Children’s Health Defense (CHD) won its historic case against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the agency’s decision not to review its health and safety guidelines for wireless-based technologies, including 5G. On […]

Press Conference: Children’s Health Defense has ‘Historic’ Win Against FCC on Safety Guidelines for 5G and Wireless

On August 13, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled in favor of the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) in its landmark case against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) challenging the FCC’s decision not to review its health and safety guidelines regarding 5G and wireless technology. The court ruled that the FCC failed […]

Suggested Methods of Donating to Children’s Health Defense

Thank you for your interest in donating to Children’s Health Defense, a 501(c) (3) charitable, non-profit organization. Our tax ID is 26-0388604. Donation Options Online Donation Mail a Check Open a Donor Advised Fund Donate Stock Cryptocurrency Your Will or Trust Bank Transfer Donate Stock or other investment Account information: Stifel, DTC 793 FBO Children’s […]

Children’s Health Defense Condemns Violence in Advance of Worldwide Freedom Demonstrations

As freedom advocates prepare to convene in more than 180 cities around the world tomorrow for Worldwide Rallies for Freedom, CHD condemns in advance plans by infiltrators to incite violence at what are intended to be peaceful demonstrations.

This Week’s Children’s Health Defense ‘Community Corner’: ‘Stop the Insanity’

“Community Corner,” hosted weekly by Children’s Health Defense, features the latest news from health freedom activists around the world. Tune in every Monday at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT to watch live.

Principal Brief Filed in Children’s Health Defense’s Case Against FCC Rule Allowing Base Station Antennas on Homes

On June 23, CHD filed the opening brief in its case against the FCC’s OTARD Rule Amendment, which allows fixed wireless companies to contract with private property owners to place point-to-point antennas on their property.

Principal Brief Filed in Children’s Health Defense’s Cases Against FCC Rule Allowing Base Station Antennas on Homes

Information and Q&A Session: Wednesday, June 30 at 11:30 a.m.PT/2:30 p.m. EDT. Register now. Washington, DC – Children’s Health Defense (CHD) filed its main brief on Wednesday, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in its case against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The case challenges the agency’s amendment of its “Over-the-Air Reception Devices” (OTARD) Rule that went […]

Children’s Health Defense Demands Immediate Suspension of Plans to Give COVID Vaccines to Children

The FDA will meet on June 10 to discuss the possible licensure of the Pfizer COVID vaccine for children, despite the fact that COVID poses a statistically insignificant risk to children while the vaccines could cause injury and death.

Children’s Health Defense Seeks Rutgers Students Opposed to COVID Vaccine Mandate for Legal Challenge

Children’s Health Defense is preparing a legal challenge against Rutgers University’s student-only COVID vaccine mandate for on-campus learning this fall 2021, and is seeking Rutgers students who oppose the mandate to become potential plaintiffs.

Children’s Health Defense Launches Illinois Chapter

CHD-Illinois joins CHD-California, CHD-New York, CHD-Hawaii and CHD-Europe in helping to further Children’s Health Defense’s mission to protect children from harmful exposures.

Children’s Health Defense Mourns Passing of Dr. Ramon Ramos

Dr. Ramos dedicated his life to the health and well-being of children. In the process, he became a legend not only in his hometown, but across the world.

Children’s Health Defense Condemns Protest at Dodger Stadium Vaccination Site, Advocates Safety, Supports Choice

CHD, which advocates for vaccine safety and choice, condemns the Jan. 30 protest at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Children’s Health Defense Launches Hawaii Chapter

CHD’s newest chapter will advocate for state-level policies to protect children from unsafe vaccines, 5G wireless, water fluoridation and other exposures that harm children’s health.

Children’s Health Defense Announces The Launch of Hawaii Chapter  

Press Release December 18, 2020 For immediate release    Washington, DC — Non-profit advocacy organization Children’s Health Defense (CHD) announced today the launch of its latest chapter, CHD Hawaii. Like CHD’s other chapters, CHD-Hawaii will provide a powerful, unified voice for advocates to enhance the collective ability to strengthen support of key issues, disseminate vitally […]

Children’s Health Defense Team

Call to Action: Join RFK, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense in Urging the FDA to Slow Down the COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Process

On December 4, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sent a letter to Peter Marks, Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research’s (CBER), on behalf of Children’s Health Defense (CHD) asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take a cautious approach in approving COVID-19 vaccines that have been developed at “warp speed.” Considering that […]

Mercola, Children’s Health Defense Among Top 5 Sites Targeted as National Security Risk

British and American intelligence agencies are collaborating to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” from public discussion using sophisticated cyberwarfare tools.

Video: RFK, Jr. Launches Children’s Health Defense Europe in Berlin

August 29 proved to be a landmark day in the history of the health freedom movement, not just in Germany, but for advocates who were watching the events in Berlin unfold from around the world.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense Call for Congressional Investigation of COVID origin

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) are calling upon Congress to conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances behind the global COVID-19 crisis that is taking an overwhelming toll on human lives and livelihoods.

Children’s Health Defense Puts a Face to Transverse Myelitis

Last month the world watched the media duck and dodge the seriousness of transverse myelitis, after it was learned that a volunteer in the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials developed the disorder.

Children’s Health Defense Principal Brief in Landmark Case Against FCC on 5G and Wireless Harms: Submitted!

What we put in our bodies and our children’s developing bodies is the most important and most personal choice we make as human beings. But when it comes to damaging levels of radiation, that right to choose has been stolen from us. The Children’s Health Defense (CHD) mission to protect children from toxic exposure reached […]