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The True Cost of Autism with Dr. Toby Rogers

Del’s Jan 21, 2020 interview with political economist, Dr. Toby Rogers, should have everyone’s attention. Toby is a researcher who has looked at the science and added up the cost of what autism will do us. There is nothing to celebrate during April, Autism Awareness Month. The economics of autism will bury us.

Will “Deaths of Despair” Outpace Deaths From Coronavirus?

By most accounts, modeling of the coronavirus epidemic fatalities does not take into account “deaths of despair” from a sharp rise in unemployment that will be triggered by sheltering in place for weeks, months, or even years.

Special Solari Report: Vaccine Mandates with Mary Holland, J.D,

CHD’s Vice Chair and General Counsel Mary Holland recently joined The Solari Report’s C. Austin Fitts to do a special report to discuss vaccine and related mandates and what we need to do to prevent them.

What California Data Tell Us About Autism Prevalence—and Prevention

A new analysis of California DDS data suggests that among the most privileged white (and, to some extent, Asian) parents—those armed with wealth, resources, education and access to information—some are succeeding in lowering their children’s risk for severe autism.