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Misconduct, Mitochondria and the Omnibus Autism Proceedings

By Louis Conte Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and Rolf Hazlehurst, the father of a vaccine-injured child have petitioned Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the conduct of two DOJ attorneys, Vincent Matanoski and Lynn Ricciardella. The two attorneys represented the Secretary of […]

Extreme Weather Events Cause Public Health Nightmare as Politicians Remain Cozy With Big Energy

By Jeremy Loffredo Wildfires have ravaged more than 5 million acres across California, Oregon and Washington state. So far, the fires have killed 35 people, destroyed more than 6,000 structures and forced more than 60,000 people out of their homes. Even people well outside of these three states have been negatively impacted, with residents reporting […]

Community and World United, We Say No!

Children’s Health Defense is proud to stand with over 50 organizations and  over 20 countries as we work together to pushback on medical mandates, unsafe vaccines, and increasingly totalitarian governments.

If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening?

Would schools be re-opening if the CDC hadn’t instructed State health departments to over-count COVID fatalities, cases, and hospitalizations?

COVID-19…Have You Heard? There Is Good News!

As of July 5th 2020, more than 1 Million Americans have been confirmed as recovered according to data compiled from each of the 56 US State & Territory Health Departments (USSTHD). This is undoubtedly good news and provides a source of hope for our beleaguered society.

Are Children Really Recovering 99.9584% of the Time From COVID-19?

In light of the existing data available for children and adolescents in the U.S., the authors of this paper endorse the development of revised policies and procedures that include more balanced guidelines for also protecting the mental, emotional and sociological health of our children.

Book Review—American Values: Lessons I Learned From My Family

The issues raised by RFK, Jr.’s “American Values: Lessons I Learned From My Family” are as relevant today as they were in the 1960s and indeed in the birthplace of democracy in the fifth century B.C.

Historical Lapses in Public Health Ethics: Will Gates-Funded COVID Vaccine Human Trials Be Business as Usual?

Should observers who know U.S. medical history, understand that coronavirus vaccines are, by definition, experimental and who are familiar with the Gates family’s vaccine agenda, be concerned by Melinda Gates’ desire to distribute COVID-19 vaccines equitably … so black people and many other people of color are near the top of the vaccine waiting list?

Moral Courage and Our Common Future—A Foreword to Plague of Corruption

Science, at its best, is a search for existential truth. Sometimes, however, those truths threaten powerful economic paradigms, RFK, Jr. writes in the foreword Kent Heckenlivey and Dr. Judy Mikovits’ best-selling book, Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science.

Vitamin D Deficiency Is Associated with COVID-19 Severity and Mortality

Recently we cited literature showing that Vitamin D sufficiency reduced the risk of acute respiratory infections and the severity of infection by other viruses. Now, new studies in COVID-19 patients suggest Vitamin D sufficiency might reduce disease severity and death.

Vaccine Rhetoric vs. Reality—Keeping Vaccination’s Unflattering Track Record Secret

Officialdom’s wish to keep vaccination’s unflattering track record out of the public eye is nothing new and there is a chasm between vaccine rhetoric and reality for most if not all vaccines. However, four vaccines offer especially instructive before-and-after case studies.

5G: The Big Picture

In the next several years, the number of projected new broadband satellites will increase from approximately 2,000 to around 20,000 – all in the name of progress. This will also increase exposure of all living creatures, including ourselves, to more and more electromagnetic radiation. Is it likely that this does not entail any adverse health consequences, as both government and industry claim?

MMR Vaccine’s Poison Pill: Mumps After Puberty, Reduced Testosterone and Sperm Counts

This article represents Part I of a two-part series on mumps. Part II will delve further into the mumps vaccine’s spillover effects on fertility.   By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Children’s Health Defense Across the country, frenzied legislators are responding to the pharmaceutical industry’s orchestrated fear campaign around measles by seeking […]

Rounding Up Glyphosate: Toxicity Known Since the 80s—So Why Weren’t We Protected?

By Brian S. Hooker, Science Advisor, Focus for Health and Board Member, Children’s Health Defense   The pesticide glyphosate, also known by its trade name Round-Up®, has been in the news recently due to a lawsuit filed against agriculture giant Monsanto by a school district employee who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma while using glyphosate weed killer as a part of […]

Bayer Needs More Than an Aspirin to Cure Its Monsanto-Sized Headache

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.   In a special telephone meeting on Thursday, August 23, Bayer AG’s CEO Werner Bauman tried to reassure the German conglomerate’s principal shareholders who were concerned about the recent drop in the company’s stock. Bayer’s stock fell dramatically after an unfavorable verdict against Bayer’s St. Louis subsidiary, Monsanto. Bauman expressed […]

NY Times Vaccine Science “Hostage” Op-Ed is a Gift

By J.B. Handley, Director, Children’s Health Defense   Underneath one of the more absurd cause-and-effect conjectures ever undertaken by a reporter lies a treasure-trove of truth about vaccine safety science. If the study results implicate vaccines, scientists are pressured to suppress.   NEW YORK, New York—I just got finished reading Melinda Wenner Moyer’s Op-Ed in […]

Autoimmunity and Metal Implants, Devices, and Vaccine Adjuvants

By Amanda Just, MS, and Jack Kall, DMD, MIAOMT, Children’s Health Defense Partner   Autoimmune diseases are on the rise, with more and more people being stricken with these illnesses each year. The fact that the average person’s overall exposure to chemicals, including metals, has drastically increased over the past century cannot be overlooked when […]

The Vaccine Program: Betrayal of Public Trust & Institutional Corruption—Part 4 of 7

The HPV Debacle:  Suppressing Inconvenient Evidence   By Vera Sharav   Note from the Children’s Health Defense Team:  Following is Part Four in Vera Sharav’s seven-part exposé of the complex and widespread corruption that exists in the vaccination program, the deceptive practices by officials of “authoritative” international public health institutions and further evidence of the callous disregard […]

It’s Time to Pay Real Attention to Children’s Health

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Every year, the President of the United States issues a proclamation in honor of Child Health Day (the first Monday of October), which in turn launches Children’s Health Month. President Calvin Coolidge was the first president to dedicate a special day to children’s health, in 1928, recognizing that “the conservation […]

Three Facts You Need To Know About Dental Mercury

By Amanda Just and John Kall, DMD of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) 1. All silver-colored dental fillings, also called amalgams, contain approximately 50% mercury, and dental mercury is still being used in the USA. In 2013, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) formalized a global convention to reduce mercury usage, which […]

Pitting Parents Against Parents

The Escalating Efforts to Silence Vaccine Safety Debate By Alison Fujito It’s one thing to recommend something you believe in. It’s quite another to demand that everyone else believe in it as well.  Add hostility, politics, lobbyists, and an industry with a long history of dishonesty, and the result is the antithesis of the founding […]


The press conference can also be viewed through Facebook Live Press Conference Transcript Good morning everybody, I’m Sharyl Attkisson. In just a moment Bobby Kennedy will lead the news conference and afterwards I’ll moderate a short segment of question and answer. But first we have a brief excerpt, about three to four minutes long, with […]

Board of Directors

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Chairman of the Board Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. serves as President of Waterkeeper Alliance, as well as Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense, and of counsel to Morgan & Morgan, a nationwide personal injury practice. Mr. Kennedy is an esteemed author, with a long […]

Invitation to Open Debate On Thimerosal

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This week I am publishing, in book form, the world’s first comprehensive review of the scientific literature, relevant to the issue of whether thimerosal, a mercury-based vaccine preservative, is safe to inject into humans. I assembled this book, Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak with the help of Dr. Mark Hyman, […]