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Maryland’s $145 Million Cervical Cancer Policy Fail

In 2007 Maryland’s cervical cancer policy changed with HB 1049/SB 774, Task Force on the HPV Vaccine, which made Merck’s Gardasil vaccine the new centerpiece—the proven test and educate strategy was abandoned. Since then Maryland’s cervical cancer incidence is up 8%.

Even COVID-19 Can’t Kill the Anti-Vaccination Movement—Thoughts of a Vaccine Safety Advocate

President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” the crash program to develop a covid-19 vaccine should give any sentient, thinking medical consumer reason for pause. Voices on the left and right, inside and outside of the medical community, are sounding cautionary notes about ignoring established safety protocols to speed development of a covid shot.

An Imperfect Union Discusses “Should Vaccination be a Choice?”

In March 2018, Josh Mazer was contacted by a producer for the TEGNA property An Imperfect Union. The show is aired on Facebook, with affiliated TV and radio stations airing segments, and sometimes the entire show.