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‘TRUTH’ with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Featuring Jeremy Hammond—Season 3 Episode 6

The following is a transcript of this video. – Hey, Jeremy. – Hey. – Welcome back to the show Jeremy Hammond, my friend who’s an investigative reporter, and I would say a foreign policy expert and now a kind of medical totalitarian expert, from Petoskey, Michigan, an amazing reporter, an amazing writer. And I love […]

‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Jeremy Hammond: Mask Wearing

The two focused on what has become a hotly debated issue in communities around the globe since the onset of the COVID crisis: mask wearing. 

Dr. Paul Thomas: CDC Protects Vaccine Program, Not Kids’ Health

On the latest episode of “Doctors and Scientists,” host Brian Hooker and Dr. Paul Thomas, a pediatrician, discussed a new book about how Thomas lost his medical license for standing up for the right to informed consent.

Lena Sun, the Washington Post’s Resident Vaccine Propagandist

Jeremy R. Hammond presents an illustrative example of a professional vaccine propagandist, Washington Post health reporter Lena H. Sun. Ms. Sun is a faithful adherent to the vaccine religion and susceptible to confirmation bias, which entails choosing what to see and what not to see, thereby deliberately deceiving readers in dutiful service to the state and, by extension, dutiful service to the pharmaceutical industry.

WHO Experimenting on African Children Without Informed Consent

The World Health Organization (WHO) is sponsoring a malaria vaccine study in African children without obtaining informed consent from parents.

NY Times Deceives about the Odds of Dying from Measles in the US

Peter Hotez deceives New York Times readers about the odds of dying from measles in the US to persuade parents to comply with the CDC’s vaccine schedule.

UN Praises Maldives Bill Outlawing Informed Consent for Pharmaceuticals

The parliament of the Republic of Maldives on November 14 passed a bill effectively outlawing the exercise of the right to informed consent, one of the most fundamental ethics in medicine. If ratified, according to multiple Maldives online news sources, the new law would make it illegal for parents to decline certain pharmaceutical products for their children.

Paul Offit Unwittingly Exposes Scientific Fraud of FDA’s Vaccine Licensure

Many parents today are naturally concerned about the number of vaccine doses their children are exposed to by following the schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To many parents, it makes sense to avoid vaccinating their children unnecessarily, and to this end a blood test can be done to determine an antibody titer, or the level of antibodies in the blood.

Why Does the CDC Recommend Hepatitis B Vaccination for Infants?

The CDC’s recommendation for universal hepatitis B vaccination of infants puts most children at unnecessary risk of harm from the vaccine.   By Jeremy R. Hammond, Contributing Writer, Children’s Health Defense    Parents are told by public health officials and the media that they should vaccinate their children strictly according to the schedule recommended by […]

The Rotavirus Vaccine: A Case Study in Government Corruption and Malfeasance

In a previous article for Children’s Health Defense, titled “Why You Can’t Trust the CDC on Vaccines”, we looked at how it can be true that government agencies are misinforming the public about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. The very prospect is treated by the mainstream corporate media as a “conspiracy theory”, but no such theory is required to explain it.

Why You Can’t Trust the CDC on Vaccines

As far as the discourse about vaccines goes in the mainstream media, this problem doesn’t exist. The media treat the CDC as practically the most credible and authoritative source for information about vaccines on the planet and unquestioningly amplify the CDC’s public relations messaging.

On the Crime of Heresy Against the Vaccine Religion

There is something wrong when you are not allowed to question public vaccine policy without automatically being labeled as “anti-science”, a believer in “pseudoscience”, or even a “conspiracy theorist”. The subject of vaccines is a serious one, and deserves to be taken seriously.

American Academy of Pediatrics Refuses to Back Vaccine Claims with Science

When asked whether it could provide studies to support specific claims it made about vaccine safety, the American Academy of Pediatrics ultimately declined

MIT Scientist on COVID Vaccine: ‘Don’t Go Near It’ + Warnings for Pregnant Women

In the latest episode of “Against the Wind” on CHD.TV, Dr. Paul Thomas interviews a senior research scientist and a medical journalist about a range of topics, including emerging scientific data on the safety of COVID mRNA therapies, with grave warnings for pregnant women and children.

81 Research Studies Confirm Natural Immunity to COVID ‘Equal’ or ‘Superior’ to Vaccine Immunity

The Brownstone Institute lists 81 of the highest-quality, complete, most robust scientific studies and evidence reports/position statements on natural immunity as compared to the COVID-19 vaccine-induced immunity.

How a Respected Pediatrician Lost His Medical License — Because He Supported Informed Consent

On Dec. 3, 2020, the Oregon Medical Board issued an “emergency order” to suspend the license of Dr. Paul Thomas, a pediatrician, who along with science writer Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., co-authored “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan.”

Discrepancies in Moderna’s FDA Report Demand Answers

Moderna’s reported death rate for its COVID vaccine, based on clinical trials, is 5.41 times greater than Pfizer’s. Yet neither are representative of national death rates — that’s a red flag.

How Facebook’s ‘Fact Check’ Feature Suppresses Truth, Promotes Falsehoods About COVID-19

Facebook and its faux “fact check” partner have no problem with misinformation, provided that it serves a political agenda for which they desire to manufacture consent.

eBook Sign up—How Censorship is Redefining Informed Consent as ‘Misinformation’

Investigative journalist Jeremy Hammond takes a look at how this climate of censorship is redefining even basic concepts such as informed consent by labeling all content that runs counter to government and industry claims regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines as “misinformation.”

Lena Sun’s Function at Washington Post: Blindly Defend Vaccines

Sun’s function at Washington Post is blindly defending vaccines and defaming all who challenge the Pharmaceutical Paradigm. Because her editors anoint Sun with absolution from fact checking, her hatchet jobs are parades of reckless invention.

How Public Vaccine Policy Apologists Use ‘Firehosing’ to Spread Misinformation

Tran states that “anti-vaxxers” use systemic strategies to spread their misinformation, including “firehosing”, but is it really Dr. Tran, along with the Guardian and every other major media organization, who is systematically engaging in science denial and utilizing the strategy of “firehosing” to misinform the public about vaccines in service to the existing political establishment?

CDC Lies About, and Media Repeats, Risk of Dying from Measles

In reporting on measles outbreaks, the mainstream corporate media routinely claim that for every 1,000 children infected, one will die from the virus. Their source for this claim is US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The trouble is, though, that it’s a lie.

CDC’s Recommendation for Hepatitis B Vaccination in Infants. Are There More Risks Than Benefits?

Parents are told by public health officials and the media that they should vaccinate their children strictly according to the schedule recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC’s routine childhood vaccine schedule is based on solid science, we are told, and it is imperative that all parents comply to reduce the societal disease burden.

How the CDC Uses Fear to Increase Demand for Flu Vaccines

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that tens of thousands of people die annually from the flu, but what the public isn’t told is that these numbers come from controversial models that may greatly overestimate, which happens to align with the CDC’s stated aim of using fear marketing to increase demand for flu vaccines.

The New York Times vs. the Science on the Flu Shot

A recent New York Times article urging readers to follow the CDC’s flu shot recommendation provides a useful case study of how the mainstream media manufacture consent for public vaccine policy by systematically deceiving the public about hihat the science says.