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1200 Studies: Truth Will Prevail

Get Dr. Alan Palmer’s FREE 718-page interactive eBook, containing excerpts from over 1,400 published PubMed studies, that contradict what we are being told by many medical doctors, the media, our government officials and the pharmaceutical industry about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

The Measles Vaccine Narrative Is Collapsing

Given that apocalyptic measles fear-mongering is at the top of vaccine proponents’ current agenda, Dr. Alan Palmer pokes some major holes in their strategy by taking a look at what contemporary science says about the false narratives being repeated ad nauseum in the media.

The Science is NOT Settled!

This 718-page downloadable e-document 1200 Studies – Truth Will Prevail, now contains excerpts and summaries of over 1,400 studies, published in reputable journals representing 45 different medical and scientific disciplines and contradicting the industry talking points about vaccines.

Getting the Measles in Modern-Day America—Not Nearly as Dangerous as Portrayed

Today, more American families and children benefit from a higher standard of living, nutritious food, clean living conditions; more have access to better medical and social services, yet big pharma would have everyone in the U.S. and the West believe that if they don’t take all the vaccines that officials can muster, they will be in danger of sliding back to the Dark Ages, with millions of people ravaged by infection and hanging on by an extremely fine and frayed thread.

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