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Dafna Tachover, Esq

Join Dafna Tachover, Esq. to Stop 5G

Dafna, Tachover, Esq, a leading expert and Children’s Health Defense’s Director of Stop 5G has four events schedule in California and Hawaii January 14-19, to educate communities and decision makers on the dangers of 5G.

Children’s Health Defense Appoints Dafna Tachover to Spearhead 5G and Wireless Radiation Efforts

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: “CHD welcomes Dafna Tachover Esq., a leading 5G expert, to the CHD team!  As CHD Senior Attorney and Director of our 5G program, Dafna will lead our national battle to derail Big Telecom’s craven scheme to irradiate our children.”

CHD Holds Press Conference on Evidentiary Brief Submission in CHD V. FCC Lawsuit

To fulfill our commitment to stopping the harmful exposure of our children to 5G and wireless radiation, CHD has taken the giant step toward unprecedented litigation against the FCC. This illuminating and celebratory press conference was held the day after CHD filed its evidentiary brief. 

CHD V. FCC Press Conference: Evidentiary Brief Filing 

Join Robert F. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense for a live, virtual press conference on Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. ET/12:30 PT to discuss this exciting milestone in our landmark case against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – the submission of the evidentiary brief. The brief was filed jointly with the Environmental Health Trust.

CHD V Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

July 31, 2020 Children’s Health Defense (CHD)’s commitment to stopping the harmful exposure of our children to 5G and wireless radiation continues with unprecedented litigation against the FCC. On 7/29/20, CHD filed its Principal (or Evidentiary) Brief in its landmark case. The illuminating press conference regarding the submission of this action was held the day […]

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s reputation as a resolute defender of the environment stems from a litany of successful legal actions. Mr. Kennedy was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. The group’s achievement helped spawn 300 […]

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Chairman of the Board Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. serves as President of Waterkeeper Alliance, as well as Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense, and of counsel to Morgan & Morgan, a nationwide personal injury practice. Mr. Kennedy is an esteemed author, with a long […]

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Submitted Historic Case Against U.S. Government for Wireless Harms

 Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is leading a historic legal action against the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for its refusal to review their 25 year old guidelines, and to promulgate scientific, human evidence-based radio frequency emissions (“RF”) rules that adequately protect public health from wireless technology radiation.