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Are Public Health Authorities the Authors of Fake Measles News?

Dozens and now hundreds of times a day, media outlets are reporting with great drama that after measles was ‘eliminated’ in the United States in 2000 it is making a comeback. Recently, I heard that measles was not actually eliminated in 2000. I was intrigued and wondered if yet again the American public was being duped by government officials. So, I decided to investigate it myself.

Looking at the Suggested ‘Scarlet A’ for Unvaccinated Kids through the Lens of Ryan White

Fear of exposure to measles may be real, and measles can be deadly but typically is not. And even if measles was a deadly disease in the US in 2019, taking away the rights of others, labeling unvaccinated children so they can be discriminated against and bullied is not the answer.

The “LOVE” EMAILS Between CDC’s Diana Schendel and Autism Researcher Poul Thorsen

By the Children’s Health Defense Team The Love Birds: Poul Thorsen, CDC Grantee, Autism Author and Researcher Diana Schendel, CDC Epidemiologist, Research Health Scientist, CDC, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (and supervisor to Poul Thorsen) Children’s Health Defense has reported that Centers for Disease Conrol (CDC) autism research scientist turned whistleblower, Dr. […]

Children’s Health Defense Report – Poul Thorsen Fugitive Researcher

Update by Beth Clay Poul Thorsen is a key figure in the shaky research that denied justice to thousands of families whose children suffered a vaccine related neurological injury (brain and nervous system) that developed into autism spectrum disorder (ASD or autism). Thorsen’s influence on US vaccine projects and policies is extensive. The studies he […]

Poul Thorsen Exhibit – Evidence of Misconduct in Danish-CDC Collaboration (Mismanagement & Intentional Collusion by CDC Staff with Principal Investigator Poul Thorsen)

An easy-to-follow overview by Beth Clay for Children’s Health Defense that puts some of the emails in context with a timeline of events.